Finding the Right Hair Removal Option

The hair removal industry is thriving with all the options out there. From razors to tweezers to waxing or lasers, there is a way to remove your unwanted hair. Finding the right tool to assist you or seeking a service, there is no shortage of ways to accomplish the task.
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So which ones are effective and which ones are not? The truth is that almost all of them work to different degrees. So to find the right one, it needs to match your particular needs.

Let’s Talk About Comfort Levels

For some people, the least painful method of hair removal is the right choice.

Shaving and depilatory creams are likely the best options as neither involves pain. Shaving does result in a minor nick now and again, but that can be avoided by getting rid of old razors and being careful with the application. Depilatory creams (hair removal creams) are a chemical that dissolves the hair follicle, so chemical burns can occur if they are left on longer than instructed.

Quickest Operation

If you would rather not waste countless hours on repetitive treatment methods, then consider waxing or laser hair removal treatments.

Waxing involves applying wax to the skin and then pressing a cloth against the wax. Using a firm grip, the strip is yanked up, pulling both the wax and hair with it. Although it is rather painful, it efficiently removes hair from the treated area for a while.

Laser hair removal uses pulses of light energy to destroy hair follicles, sometimes destroying the roots in the process. Treatment lasts for several weeks and, with repeated sessions, may even become semi-permanent.

Home Sweet Home

For anyone who prefers treatments that can be done in the privacy of their own home, options are limited. Purchasing hair removal lasers to use at home is not really an option. You can’t find laser hair removal equipment for sale at local retail stores and the price would be too high to even consider it for personal use. That means shaving, tweezing, wax removal and hair removal creams are often the only choices.

Another device that can be used at home is an epilator. These devices use rotating coils or springs to pluck the hairs out of the skin. They are like battery operated tweezers in the way they pull the hair out, but in larger quantity. Using an epilator is not pain free, but it does make quick work of removing hair.

Cost Management

Another aspect of hair removal procedures to consider involves the costs of treatments. For someone with limited funds, shaving, tweezing, or waxing may be most appealing. Clinical procedures are usually not a good alternative as they cost more than a week’s pay for the average working class.

Purchasing an epilator or personal electrolysis device might be a wise investment to save the most over time. Think about how often personal devices cost over a week, then a month, then a year.

A rechargeable device is an even better investment to consider since it won’t require new batteries every so many weeks.

Which Method of Hair Removal Works Best

Deciding which of the above methods works best really depends on your personal needs. How much time, money, and pain tolerance do you have? Also look at combining more than one treatment

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