Fat Removal During Neck Lift

Neck lifts, also known as neck contouring surgery, are plastic surgery procedures that help to create a more refined and smooth appearance to both the chin and neck. Many people find that a neck lift can tremendously improve their face by eliminating sagging jowls, wrinkles, and unnecessary thickness. A more defined jawline will also help to provide balance to your overall facial features. We'll explore your options for neck contouring, how fat removal during a neck contouring procedure can improve your appearance, and your overall aesthetic goals.

Contouring Options

The approach your surgeon takes will vary depending on your aesthetic goals. Different procedures are used for the correction of a jawline versus the removal of sagging skin. You might also have your contouring procedure performed alongside other procedures, such as an eye bag treatment or a face lift to smooth wrinkles and remove excess skin.

If you have a problem with fat around your neck, liposuction is an option. However, for the moment we’ll focus more on neck lift surgery and how the fat removal works during these procedures.

When to Use a Neck Lift for Fat Removal

Neck lifts will help with the following goals and considerations:

  • You want to greatly reduce or eliminate a “turkey neck” caused by sagging skin that can be removed
  • You want to smooth creases and wrinkles that have appeared throughout the neck
  • You want to improve the appearance of your vertical neck bands
  • You want a long-lasting result that will naturally age with you
  • You want to combine the procedure with a face lift procedure

On the other hand, you might benefit more from liposuction in the following circumstances:

  • You mainly want to improve or eliminate a double chin or any other fullness gathered beneath the chin
  • You want to refine your jawline
  • You already have a good skin tone
  • You want to combine the liposuction with a chin augmentation procedure or a rhinoplasty to further improve your facial balance
  • You intend to maintain a stable weight (liposuction is only permanent when the patient does this)

Sometimes a patient will undergo liposuction treatments and have a neck lift only after the liposuction treatment has concluded. Your surgeon can talk to you about the possibilities of multiple procedures and address whether this is a good idea for your particular circumstances.

What to Expect From Your Neck Lift Surgery

Sagging and loose skin on the neck can be reduced or eliminated through a neck lift procedure. This surgery can be referred to both as cervicoplasty and platysmaplasty. Cervicoplasty refers to the removal of excess skin, while platysmaplasty refers to the tightening of loose muscles in the neck. Oftentimes, surgeons will perform both of these procedures at the same time. Your surgeon will discuss with you what the best course of action is to achieve your particular goals.

The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis. You’ll either be given intravenous sedation or general anesthesia, depending on your unique circumstances. A small incision will be made behind each of your ears. When the surgeon is also removing fat from the neck, they might make one more incision below the chin. The surgery will take place through these incisions; your surgeon will tighten your muscles and remove sagging skin.

The recovery time following the lift will be highly dependent upon the individual. The extent of the surgery will also have an impact. If you required the removal of fat on top of removal of excess skin, you might need a longer recovery time. Patients usually return to their daily activities and to work within two weeks of the surgery. Your neck will probably feel tight for several weeks. It’s also common to have swelling and bruising around the surgical areas. These effects usually subside; bruising will clear up in about a week, although the tight feeling might last for several months. Your surgeon will explain your requirements for aftercare based on your situation and the extent of the surgery.

Common Procedures Performed Along With Neck Lifts

  • Usually face lifts will involve some kind of jaw and chin contouring. Sometimes surgeons will perform a face lift and a neck lift at the same time.
  • A qualified surgeon can insert a chin implant during a neck lift surgery or liposuction procedure.
  • A rhinoplasty might be used to balance the proportions of the face at the same time as the neck lift.

Choosing Your Ideal Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Jacono is one of the most celebrated plastic surgeons in New York, with practices in both New York City and Long Island. You can find the website of his practice and skilled team of medical professionals here. For the New York City practice, you can schedule a consultation by calling 212-570-2500. For the Long Island practice, your consultation can be scheduled by calling 516-773-4646. You can also contact the clinic through their website here.

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