Fashion and Styling Tips for Plus-Size Women to Look Two Sizes Smaller

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Are you someone who usually remains cheerful all through the day or are there periods of gloom as well? Not achieving what you strive for can lead to discontent and unhappiness. The same is true with women who are on the curvier side of the measuring scale and who aren’t able to select their preferred clothing styles. However, truth be told, looking hot and sexy when you are plus-sized isn’t as tough as it used to be. 

This post can’t just proceed without mentioning the fact that the fashion industry has gone through a major overhaul wherein average women are welcomed with open arms. With the help of the right fashion and styling hacks, plus-sized women can look and feel much more confident about themselves. Scroll down to know more on the best fashion tips for a plus-size woman to look two sizes smaller. 

Match Everything That You Wear

Did anyone tell you that you could lose a minimum of five pounds if you matched your plus-size dresses, pants, or skirt with your stockings and shoes? If not, start following this. You can seem 10 pounds lighter if you match the separates in black! And in case you are bored of wearing black always to look slimmer, how about matching a black outfit with a bright pair of shoes instead? 

Choose v-Neck Tops and Dresses

If you are eager to create that illusion of a slimmer and fitter body, you can wear dresses or tops that have a V-neckline. Not being apprehensive about revealing your cleavage makes you more confident in donning wider V-necked dresses. Plunging and wide necklines always make a plus-sized woman look slimmer. 

Layering Can Work Wonders

Are you aware of the rules of layering? If yes, you can try your luck at it as layering can work wonders for a plus-size woman. First, wear a T-shirt or a sleeveless tank top that isn’t too body-hugging, and then wear a jacket or a cardigan or another top over it. The part of your body that you don’t wish to expose will remain hidden and thereby give you a thinner look. 

Choose the Right Colored Outfits

Whether you’re a plus-size woman or two sizes smaller, choosing the right shade for your outfit can make you look amazing. The colors of your dresses matter a lot and hence it is vital for you to prefer the darker shades. Black is certainly the best color for those on the curvier side of the measuring scale but apart from black, you may even choose the other darker shades too. Team up the darker tops with your favorite skinny jeans to create the ultimate stylish look. 

Vertical Stripes Create an Illusion of a Slim Body

If you’re plus-sized for a long time now, you must have already figured out that vertical stripe patterns create an optical illusion of a thinner body. Vertical stripes also make you look taller than your usual height. 

Wear the Right Patterns

If you love wearing printed dresses with different patterns, you have to be sure about choosing the right one. Patterns that are small in size will help you with a thinner look. A floral pattern is nowadays the most common and hence before you wear a floral dress, make sure the flowers are not too big. Anything that is broad and big will give you a bigger look than what you actually are. 

Wear Statement Jewelry

Do you wish to hide your flaws and display your strengths? If you answered yes, you have to take away the attention of people from your bodily flaws. This can be easily done by wearing a statement choker necklace or a heavy piece of jewelry that matches your outfit. This will effortlessly drag away the attention of people from your flaws. 

Who doesn’t wish to look charming in whatever they wear? Being plus-size doesn’t make you less stylish or less confident. You too can walk amidst a crowd and make heads turn towards you. 

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