Easy Tips to Make Your Tired Eyes Look Bright

What is the trick in keeping up with our busy schedules, yet look fresh and amazing at the same time?

With so much to do these days, between family responsibilities, work duties, and things going in our personal lives, who has much time to sleep? Although it is an essential and necessary part of our daily schedule, unfortunately most us are severely sleep deprived. We might dress to kill, but if our face gives off a tired look, we lost the beauty game. For example, a nurse can be wearing a designer scrub brand, but if she looks exhausted, all that people will notice is her tired looking face. But, as beauty conscious women we don’t want to walk around looking tired and washed out.

 So what is the trick in keeping up with our busy schedules, yet look fresh and amazing at the same time?

Here are 5 quick and easy tips that will make your eyes look bright and fresh, even while getting minimal eye shut.


Keeping your skin hydrated is essential in keeping your face, and particularly the area around your eyes looking fresh and feeling soft. Simply apply a high quality moisturized after washing your face at night and again in the morning before putting on your makeup. You will feel and see the difference right away, leaving your face looking fresh and your skin feeling supple. Dry skin accentuates wrinkles and makes you look older; something we all want to avoid!


The first step in covering up the wrinkles around those tired eyes is to create a smooth the surface with a good primer. Eye primer is used to keep your eye makeup looking smooth and avoid creasing, as well as making it stay on longer.


Now you’ve got to hide those dark bags and puffiness under your eyes. This is where concealer will do wonders. It’s best to use a lightweight concealer since those that are made of heavier materials tend to highlight your lines and wrinkles.


Applying a matte eyeshadow will give your eyes a beautiful and smooth look. The matte eyeshadow choice is also great for hiding wrinkles and lines.


Finish off the look by applying white eyeliner in the waterline of your eyes. This will create a bright eye look and disguise any redness. It’s definitely best to avoid black eyeliner on your waterline, as it will make your eyes looks smaller and less bright.

So now that you’ve learnt these little tricks, you can look bright eyed and beautiful even on your busiest days.

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