Body Parts Affected by Cellulite

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Sometimes we confuse cellulite with fat deposited in certain areas. If you have followed the previous articles that describe the types and degrees of cellulite, now you can do a little test yourself to check all the areas where cellulite can be deposited. Here are the areas that may be affected:

cellulite on neck

Cellulite on Neck (cervical Area)

Usually, this excess cellulite is formed by storing toxins in that area, producing a small swelling, like a hump. Cellulite appears after the age of 40 in people who have pain in the cervical area from a young age.

Cellulite on arms

Cellulite on Arms

Poor blood and lymph circulation lead to cellulite on the arms, in the inner part, up to the elbows. Sometimes this can be generated by very tight bras that make blood circulation difficult. Corpulent women who have always had thicker arms are prone to this type of cellulite.

Cellulite on waist

Cellulite on Waist

For many women, a kind of ring is formed around the waist, which by a simple pinching has the appearance of an orange peel. Often, this type of cellulite is caused by digestive disorders, constipation, miscarriages, or uninterrupted use of contraceptives. Women who have problems with cellulite on the abdomen are prone to gain weight in this area, although they are very thin, and may always have a small belly.

Cellulite on back

Cellulite on Back Area

This type of cellulite is especially common in people who inherit cellulite in the family and in women who have given birth. Although it is very difficult to notice, at a body evaluation, it is easily noticed by a specialist. From the cellulite of the back start the “pillows” at the base of the waist, which makes us uncomfortable especially in the case of low-waisted pants or dresses that follow the shape of the body.

Cellulite on thighs

Cellulite on Thighs

Cellulite deposited on the thighs comes in the form of “wings”. Sometimes the blood circulation is hampered by wearing very tight corsets or garters, skinny jeans, or very tight pants. Usually, women with roundness in these areas are prone to the formation of these cellulite pillows. In some cases, in addition to poor blood circulation, hormonal disorders, and sedentary lifestyle, sitting in a chair, in the car, at the office, etc. contribute to the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulite on legs

Cellulite on Upper Part of the Legs

This area is most commonly affected by cellulite. Even if we are thin or fat, over 90% of us have at least the first degree of cellulite, especially on the inside of the legs. Usually, poor blood circulation (cold feet, hair fragility, etc.), hormonal disorders, lack of exercise, unbalanced diets, and retention of toxins and water lead to the appearance and worsening of this type of cellulite. In people prone to fattening in the area of ​​the upper thighs over time, by aggravation, the formation of “rider’s pants” is reached. It is mandatory in these cases to use local anti-cellulite wraps, especially on the upper pulp for thinning.

Cellulite on knees and ankles

Cellulite on Knees and Ankles

Cellulite developed on the upper pulp in case of untreated spreads every month to the knees and then to the ankles. In the knee area, a cellulite deposit is formed which on tightening becomes painful. This deposit can be removed relatively easily and quickly by professional anti-cellulite massage, located on the feet.

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