Avoid Your Skin Aging and Some Beauty Tips

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When we are 20 years old, the skin is young and the collagen and elastin fibers ensure the elasticity and suppleness of the skin, so we do not really have a lot of problems. But over the years we must have better care of us to have a fresh complexion and so it is good to know which are the main factors leading to its aging. The first is unprotected exposure to the sun and the second is tobacco.

That’s why it’s good to use sunscreen SPF 15 year round and in summer with SPF 20 or even SPF 30. It is also recommended to use skin care products containing antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E, Or green or white tea extract.

Begin Taking Good Care of Your Skin in Your Youth

After exceeding the age of 28-30 years, we need to pay more attention to our complexion. So it’s good to have a facial peeling once a week and start using a night cream. By peeling, it is stimulated the production of new cells that restore the shine of your skin!

After 30 years of age, wrinkles at the eye corner are more obvious and you should use a special cream for the eye contour! You do not have to screw up when it comes to your skin, face, body. It is good to use the best products, not necessarily the most expensive but those that give results and fit your skin type!

Reaching the threshold of 35 years is better to use anti-aging products containing coenzyme Q10, retinol and glycolic acid, and if you have a sensitive skin, you should opt for the kinetin-based ones. The effect of these ingredients is to diminish the pores, which after a certain age become more evident, but also the wrinkles, and at the same time to give a special luminosity to your skin.

After 40 Years Old Try to Avoid Invasive Procedures for Your Aging Skin

40 years: the age at which signs of skin aging begin to appear. It is wrinkled either because of repeated diets or because of smoking or simply because of unprotected exposure to the sun. It is good that after this age you will pay much more attention to your complexion. Specialists have invented different ways of temporarily or permanently masking skin problems, such as Botox injection, surgery, laser aesthetic surgery, but to avoid using them, it’s always good to care for yourself.

A woman has to take care of her skin regardless of age, because as she mantains it, she will have it!


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