8 Everyday Things You Never Knew Could Hurt Your Baby

Having a baby in the house changes a lot of things, including how you do some everyday tasks. In the past, it may have been OK to let your child rock on the counter while you did some baking or hand your child an empty bottle to play with while you started the dishwasher. But now that you have a baby, it’s essential to be aware of the things you come into contact with every day that could potentially harm your child.

1. Sinks

Sinks pose a threat to your baby’s safety in more ways than one. First of all, always dispose of small objects like coins and hair ties before bathing your baby. They are usually very easy to lose in the tub or shower, which can be especially hazardous if your child swallows one of them.

Secondly, never leave your baby in the sink alone. This is one of the most obvious but often ignored safety tips when it comes to bathing your baby. If you’re not watching closely enough, your child could slip and fall under the water.

2. Microwaves

Never place your baby in front of a microwave while it is running. Microwave radiation is not something you want your baby near, and accidents can happen very quickly. If you accidentally set the timer and forget to take your baby out of the room, they could suffer from severe burns.

Even if your child isn’t that close, the radiation could affect them over time. This is especially true if you are pregnant because your baby will be vulnerable to microwave radiation.

3. Toilets

Babies should never be allowed to go near the toilet while you are not in the bathroom. It is very easy for your child to accidentally fall into the toilet and drown, especially if it is filled with water. Even if your child does not fall in, they could easily drown because babies often like to put their mouths on things like the toilet bowl.

Of course, there is always the danger of toilet-related injuries, even with supervision. There have been many cases where a parent will lift a baby to use the toilet or allow their baby to sit on the seat. This is dangerous because of the risk of them slipping and falling head-first into the bowl.

4. Furniture

Never leave your baby unattended on any furniture, including sofas. It is very common for babies to suffocate when left against a couch cushion or bed pillow. This is because they can quickly move too close to the edge and smother themselves with their weight or the weight of a blanket.

So, avoid leaving your infant alone on the couch and always put them down to sleep without a blanket or pillow. You should also never let babies sleep in adult beds because there is a chance that they could roll off the bed and suffocate.

5. Chemicals

Never leave your child unattended in the bathroom when they can crawl. It is very easy for them to pull down cleaners, shampoos, and anything else potentially harmful to them. If this happens accidentally, they might ingest the chemicals, which can lead to illness or injury, so you should bring them to an urgent care center without a second thought.

Aside from that, you should never mix cleaning chemicals. The resulting fumes could be very harmful to your child’s health, not to mention that the chemical reaction may become powerful enough to blow up the container.

6. Electrical Cords

Everyone’s guilty of this one: leaving electrical cords in places where they might pose a hazard to an infant. They can quickly get wrapped around their neck or even their limbs. This can lead to severe injuries that could require extensive medical care.

It’s always best to keep cords out of your baby’s reach, but you should also avoid letting them play near any cords plugged into the wall. You should probably avoid using any electrical devices when your baby is in the room.

7. Windows and Doors

Make sure you always lock up your windows and doors when your baby is alone in the house. If they can get out through an open window or door, they could hurt themselves on the window seal or fall down the stairs.

Of course, you don’t have to lock your doors and windows all day. You should only do it if there’s a risk of putting your baby in danger.

8. Food

Avoid giving your baby food that is too hot or spicy. You should also avoid feeding them fatty foods because they could later develop a problem with obesity. It’s always best to give them a variety of healthy foods to have a balanced diet, but you should also avoid giving them too many snacks.

Leaving your baby with food that is too big to chew or with bones in it could lead to choking, so you should always cut meat and chicken into bite-sized pieces before feeding them. That’s why it’s best to avoid giving them anything that could pose choking risks, including grapes and hot dogs.

You might think that once you’ve baby-proofed the house, you’ve done all you can to protect your little one. But, you must be aware of what could potentially hurt them daily.

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