6 Ways You Can Avoid a Dry Skin This Winter

You know how some things just don’t go well together? Well, that’s the case with winter and our skin...not the best match! All of us, no matter how perfect our skin is throughout the year, will suffer from dry skin when temperatures drop below zero.

So, is there something we can do to avoid a dry skin this winter? Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of the best 6 ways you can avoid a dry skin this winter. We will give you practical tips which can be easily implemented into your everyday skincare routine.

With our help, you will keep your skin fresh and moisturized throughout all of the coldest months. No matter if it’s snowy or windy, your face will always look fresh and smooth!

What Are the 6 Ways You Can Avoid a Dry Skin This Winter?

Change the Products You’re Using

We all feel so happy when we finally find that one foundation that matches our skin perfectly and blends in effortlessly! However, don’t be surprised if the same foundation doesn’t really ‘work’ in the cold winter months. Many of us do the mistake to continue using the same products throughout all seasons of the year. Unfortunately, this won’t work if you wish to avoid dry skin in the winter.

All summer products, whether it’s a shampoo, moisturizers or foundations, need to be lighter and fresher. On the other hand, winter products need to be heavier and oilier. These products need to moisturize your skin and act as a barrier between your skin and the cold weather. This is the best way to prevent skin dryness.

Just like you take care of your facial skin in winter, also use products and remedies for preventing vaginal dryness.

Oily and Heavy Moisturizers

Moisturizers can be lotions, creams, oils, or ointments. For the summer months, lotions are the perfect moisturizers because they’re lightweight and absorb pretty quickly. However, for the winter time, choose a heavier moisturizer such as a cream or an ointment moisturizer.

These tend to keep moisture in much better than a lotion. In cases of extreme dryness, you can even try applying Vaseline (petroleum jelly) or baby oil on the dry patches of your skin. Be careful when applying such products on your face, especially if you suffer from acne and blackheads, since they can easily clog your pores.

Finally, ensure that the moisturizer you choose to wear daily has at least SPF30 – winter sun can be even worse for your skin than summer sun!

Limit Your Bath Time

Excessive showering and long baths are also huge red flags that can dry your skin additionally. In the winter, try to always take quick showers with lukewarm water. No matter how good it feels to soak for an hour in a warm bathtub, this will strip your skin from all naturally produced oils that you especially need in the winter.

So, always make sure that you’re not showering with hot water and limit your showers to less than 10 minutes. Like this, you’ll keep those natural protective oils that your body produces and they will protect your skin from over-drying!

Eat and Drink Right

In order to have a healthy skin, you will not only need to moisturize it from the outside but also from the inside. What we eat and drink reflects in each and every organ of our bodies. The skin is the largest organ we have, so it’s no wonder that what we consume can affect its health.

For a flawless skin this winter, try to limit your intake of sodas, alcohol and caffeine, since these drinks can further dry out your skin. Instead, drink plenty of water, herbal teas, fruit and vegetable juices, soups, etc. When it comes to food, avoid anything that’s too salty, sugary or greasy.

Bad foods for your skin are fast foods, pastries, cakes, cookies, French fries, etc. The best foods to eat for a healthy skin are foods that contain healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, oily fish, avocados, and so on.

Indoor Help

In the winter months, it’s not only the outside weather conditions that can damage our skin health, but also the dry indoor air. All of us use some type of heating in winter, and this heating will dry out the air we breathe significantly.

So, imagine how harsh it is for your skin to come back home to an even drier air than outside. In order to solve this issue, try using a humidifier, at least throughout the night. The humidifier will work its magic throughout the night and you will wake up with a fresh face.

With the help of a humidifier, you will also help your breathing and avoid waking up with a sore and dry throat.

Exfoliators and Masks

Exfoliation in winter is just as important as any other step in your beauty routine. Contrary to popular belief, exfoliation IS recommended when you suffer from dry skin. There’s a layer of dead cells on top of our face which needs to be removed so that all the products you apply afterward are properly absorbed. This is where exfoliation helps.

For winter months, try to find a gentler exfoliator that will not be too harsh on your face. After exfoliating, apply a quality moisturizer. This is the perfect formula for a smooth skin throughout the whole year, especially in winter. And finally, you should remember that you need to exfoliate all dry areas of your body, not just your face!


Having a healthy and good-looking skin in winter can sometimes seem like an impossible task. However, this is definitely possible as long as you know the correct way to take care of your skin.

We hope that our list of 6 ways you can avoid a dry skin this winter has been helpful for you and that we’ve managed to give you practical tips that are easily followed.

Finally, we would like to mention once more that it’s all about the right products! Don’t forget that the products you use in winter shouldn’t be the same ones that you use throughout the rest of the year, since winter is a season that requires a little bit of extra care!

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