6 Things About Your Diet That’s Stopping You From Eliminating Your Acne

Find out what are the foods that causes acne. Every healthy diet should avoid those types of foods that causes reactions in the body and causes repetitive acne outbursts.
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Acne is one of the most stubborn skin conditions to have. It’s no longer limited to teens but can last our entire lives. With many topical products, pills, and procedures, doctors have yet to find that perfect solution to cure acne for good.

Truthfully, curing your acne is not a mystery. The solution is in your diet. Food dictates how the body functions. Every major food group has specific nutrients that the body uses to accomplish a variety of tasks.

However, consuming low-quality food can disrupt the body’s natural functions, which long-term, can lead to problems such as accelerated aging, disease, and other conditions, such as acne.

Below Are Six Types of Food That Are Low Quality and Are Very Well the Reason Behind Your Persistent Acne

Eliminating them from your diet can finally put your acne woes to an end.

Overcooked/Burned Foods

These are foods that are grilled, roasted, and overcooked, such as barbeque ribs, oven fries, and roasted nuts.

They’re considered bad for acne because most, if not all, of their nutrients are destroyed, offering your body nothing it can use.

However, a major problem with these foods is that they produce a high level of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products). AGEs are highly oxidant compounds that spike up blood sugars, increase free radicals, and speed up aging, disease, and acne.

A solution to this is to adopt cooking techniques that require minimal to no contact with direct heat. Instead of oven fries, try a baked potato wrapped in foil. Avoid or minimize grilling and smoking food. Focus on steaming, poaching, and boiling methods.

Cooked Oils

These are virtually any oil that’s heated at high temperatures, such as when frying foods or simmering in soups and stews.

When oils are heated, they form free radicals, just like smoked and overcooked food. These toxins cause inflammation in the body, which is a primary contributor to acne.

It’s best to avoid heating oil altogether. If you’re making something that calls for oil to be heated, stick to oils that can tolerate high heat, such as coconut oil and avocado oil. Try eliminating oil in your sauces and stews. In many cases doing so won’t affect their flavor or composition.


Any food that contains added sugars and especially conventional sweeteners, such as cane, honey, syrup, and sugar-free alternatives fall into this category.

Sugar raises insulin levels and causes inflammation. It’s one substance that directly affects your skin. It not only feeds bacteria that’s responsible for acne, but it dehydrates the skin and advances aging.

Whole fruit is the best replacement. With the fiber in fruit, it’s processed slowly in the body, keeping insulin levels balanced. Also, fruit has essential nutrients that fight off acne and disease. If you must have a sweet treat, indulge occasionally and consider making your own with coconut sugar, which is low glycemic.

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

These are foods that are highly processed and are identified by reading the ingredient list on their packaging. If you see any ingredients that are difficult to classify as food, like MSG, red 40, and modified food starch, it’s a GMO food.

They essentially have no nutrients and the body doesn’t know what to do with them. As a result, these foods are converted into fat and increase inflammation, which is directly tied to acne.

Stick to whole foods and make your snacks and meals from scratch. Though time may be a major reason why you reach for processed foods, make the investment for your health and especially to eliminate your acne.


This is any distilled or fermented beverage. It’s flammable, intoxicating, and comes in the form of wine, beer, spirits, and other drinks.

There are no nutrients found in alcohol. Alcohol is derived from fruits and grains that are broken down. The body responds to alcohol as it does to sugar, converting it into fat and increased inflammation. Not only does this put a strain on essential organs responsible for detoxing the body, such as the liver, but it ages the skin, dehydrating it and creating acne.

If you can forego alcohol entirely, that’s the best alternative. However, if you feel you can’t eliminate alcohol in your life, consume sparingly, such as during special occasions.

Processed Meats

These are meats that are generally found at the deli, fast food (even regular) restaurants, and grocery store. Meats that aren’t wild caught.

These meats are bad because, first, they come from animals fed an unnatural diet and injected with antibiotics and growth hormones. Once the animal is exposed to these substances, they don’t leave their bodies. They transfer to the consumer and the body responds to these foreign substances as they do to other GMO foods.

Second, they contain preservatives that either change their composition or make them last longer. These preservatives, such as nitrates and nitrites, not only cause inflammation but can lead to diseases as serious as cancer.

Stick to fresh meat and read the labels. Look for meat that’s wild caught, grass-fed, humanely raised, fed a natural diet, and free of antibiotics and hormones. If possible, buy locally from a farmer who raises their animals naturally.

So, Keep an Eye on Those Food Types That Causes Persistent Acne

When you consider how diet plays a role in how the body works, you’ll start to see the connection it has with your acne. Conventional solutions often serve as a band-aid to the real problem that’s underneath the surface.

Making the switch to a primarily whole food diet won’t happen overnight, but one small change at a time will eventually make a difference. What you thought you were destined to deal with your entire life could be gone in a year’s time.

Address these six causes of acne in your diet. Start by addressing one each month, and by six months you’ll be closer to clearer skin and healthier too.

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