5 Weird Questions About Aesthetic Surgery

Q: After Liposuction, My Skin Will Invigorate?

Depends on the genetic heritage and how elastic your skin is. If you have stretch marks (in case you lost weight very quickly, for example) means that your skin has little elasticity, so it will not contract after liposuction, at least not entirely. Skin left will be hanging, unaesthetic.

Q: If You Choose to Reduce Your Breasts Will You Get to Have Different Sizes and Shapes?

It may be asymmetric, particularly if the doctor doesn’t have a good professional background for this stuff or is inexperienced. Also, you can get in this position if there are two doctors working, each at one separate breast.

Q: Can You Get Not to Feel Anything in the Breasts or Nipples if You Have a Breast Implant?

There is a risk. Loss of sensitivity in the chest is a consequence rather unusual, but approximately 5% of patients end up not feeling anything when the nipples are reached. This can happen if during the operation they are cut or push too much the nerves.

Q: Is It Harder to Detect Breast Cancer in Cases of Implants?

Depends. Very large implants, larger than two cups than real breasts, which are placed directly under the breast tissue and skin, and the pectoral muscle, can cover a node.

Q: Botulinum Toxin Can Change Your Face if It Is Injected Evenly?

Depends. It can happen, especially around the mouth. There are 23 muscles in the area and the same amount of Botox must be injected in exactly the same place on both sides of the mouth. Otherwise, you risk of having a weird smile. That’s why you have to choose your doctor wisely.

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  1. estetik says:

    Although liposuction cannot alter skin quality or muscle tone, and should not be a substitute for regular exercise and a balanced diet, your body will always be slimmer than they would be if you had not had this procedure.

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    Hey, can you tell me anything about rhinoplasty?!
    Thank you!

  1. February 26, 2019

    […] process of plastic surgery is complex and varied and so are its benefits. Anyone thinking of undergoing this transformation process should have a detailed conversation with a learned and experienced surgeon in order to get the most […]

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