5 Ways to Highlight the Best Features on Dark Skin

Beauty comes in all kinds of colors. It doesn’t matter whether your complexion is dark or fair in nature, what matters is how you take care of your skin and how you accentuate the beautiful features of your face by using varied makeup products.
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Today, there are a number of different shades of skin in the world, each of which has its one unique beauty which is simply incomparable with the other one.

The biggest mistake that any woman does with her complexion or skin color is either the use of wrong makeup products on to her skin or the use of makeup products wrongly on her skin. This is where the problem crops up and this is the situation that all of us must take care of. Using the right products in the right manner to accentuate your features such as your nose, cheekbones, jawline as well as lips is very important. Thus, whether you are fair or dark as to your appearance, you can always accentuate your looks by using the best of makeup products in the most appropriate. You can also read reviews on http://skintwinkle.com to get yourself best makeup products, no matter what is the color of your skin.

Below listed are the five ways using which you can highlight the best features on the darker skin tone to make yourself look all the more beautiful and confident:

  1. The use of yellow tones:

The base makeup such as foundation always comes with a number of color options. A number of brands avail their foundations in different undertones such as green tones, yellow tones, purple tones which clearly depends upon the depth as well as color of your skin. Thus, if the color of your skin falls on a darker side, yellow tone makes the best choice for you. A foundation of yellow tone doesn’t make you look unnaturally pale. On the contrary, yellow foundation blends into your skin and makes sure that your skin looks clear and glowing. A yellow foundation doesn’t make your face look cakey or made up.

  1. Shimmery is in:

Who says that the people with darker complexion cannot experiment with a shimmery makeup? Shimmery makeup can make their features look all the more beautiful instead. Metallic and shimmery eye-shadows make the best choice for the women with darker skin tone. The reason is simple – these eye shadows can brighten up your face and can make it look all the more appealing. Experiment in the colors like purple, gold, navy blue as these shades can really add a glam factor into your look.

  1. The choice of lip colors:

The choice of lip colors plays an integral part in the overall makeup of all the women with a darker complexion. The colors like burgundy, red, darkish pinks, marsala, etc. look lovely and accentuate the shape of the lips beautifully. Thus, do not hesitate in experimenting with these colors and let your lips do all the talking.

  1. Take care of that cheekbone too:

The best way using which you can highlight your cheekbone to make it look more defined and accentuated is the use of a blush with some shimmer on it. If you are using a bronzer, swipe a little amount on your cheekbone excluding the apples. You are all set to shine as this is going to accentuate the best parts of your face.

  1. Avoid using light colors:

If your skin tone falls on a darker side, you must stay away from all the light colors such as white, baby pink, lilac and others and focus more on the warmer and brighter tones. This is because a light makeup is going to make your skin look chalky and pale and the same wouldn’t be able to define the features of your skin.

Choosing the right makeup for your dark skin tone isn’t a rocket science anymore. Follow these easy steps and take your makeup game to another level of extreme perfection.

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