4 Creative Ideas for at-Home Beauty Salons

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If you’ve been thinking about opening your own salon, put a halt on budgeting for rent and instead consider what you might be able to do with the space you already have available to you. If you have a spare guest bedroom that isn’t being used, or a basement that you could transform, here are some ideas for what you could do with them. 

Luxury Lash and Brow Bar

Nowadays, more and more girls are ditching the mascara and brow powder and opting for more long-lasting solutions. Lash extensions and eyebrow treatments are more cost-effective than constantly purchasing makeup products, and they make getting ready in the mornings ten times quicker and easier. 

This is why a lash and brow bar would be an incredibly popular choice. Taking an eyelash certification class will put you in good standing with any new clients you take on, and you won’t need much space to get your business started. 

Aesthetic Nail Salon

At-home nail salons have become more and more popular too. Sometimes, the comfort and casual vibe of sitting one-on-one with your nail technician beats the busy hustle-bustle of a big salon. 

Learning how to do gel and acrylic nails is simple and easy too, and the investment to get started is minimal. Make sure to purchase a high-quality nail lamp and top-notch products to ensure that your clients are happy, and ask your friends and family if you can practice on them (for free of course) until you feel confident enough to start charging clients for your work. 

Zen Hair Spa

If you’re a hair stylist and tired of paying rent at a salon, you could easily bring your business home by creating a cozy and zen hair spa right at home. Unfortunately, the equipment and products you’ll need to invest in might be pricey, but you’ll quickly make that money back since you’ll be saving on rent for your business. 

You can turn a small space in your home into a cute hair salon with a few simple steps. Just because you have a small salon, doesn’t mean it can’t be trendy and successful! 

Holistic Wellness Oasis 

Finally, if beauty treatments aren’t really your game, you could consider opening an overall wellness space in your home. Depending on your skills and interests, you can offer different classes, treatments, and even spiritual ceremonies.

If you have attended yoga teacher training, you can teach yoga from the comfort of your home. You can offer yoga for weight loss or strength and flexibility, or even host meditation sessions for different purposes – for focus, stress and anxiety, spiritual awakening, etc. Your options are endless, and when you have an open space in your home, it’s yours to transform and use in whichever ways might benefit you and your local community. 

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