What Causes Double Chin and How Do I Remove It?

Despite what people think, double chins are not only caused by fat.
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Confidence is one of the greatest assets that makes you look more attractive. It also helps people achieve their dreams by giving them the strength to try. However, there are instances when our confidence is affected by our own physical appearance. You can’t blame people for searching for cosmetic physicians that offer services such as dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, and double chin treatment Brisbane has today.

We’ve all heard about dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle products. However, some may be unaware that specialists also offer double chin treatment Brisbane residents recommend. Believe it or not, double chin or triple chin is a natural condition that occurs when a layer of fat forms under the chin. When the layer becomes more substantial, it forms wrinkles that create the appearance of a double chin. Despite what people think, double chins are not only caused by fat. Here are a few more reasons:

Aging Skin

As you turn 20, the amount of collagen in your body declines and your skin will start to loosen because of lack of elasticity. While this is a natural human process, some factors hasten the development of aging signs. This includes an unhealthy diet, smoking, and too much sun exposure. If the skin under your jaw starts to loosen, contact professionals so they can recommend double chin treatment Brisbane specialists. This way, doctors can administer treatments as soon as possible and prevent further sagging of the skin. 

Poor Posture

We all tend to crane our necks over while using our gadgets. If you feel the skin under your jaw sagging, this could be the reason why. Adopting a poor posture affects the platysma muscle that connects your neck to your chin. When this muscle weakens, the skin around it starts to loosen, causing a sagging effect. If you’re experiencing it earlier than you anticipated, contact cosmetic physicians that specialize in double chin removal Brisbane has these days. This way, they can administer treatment to help your skin regain the elasticity it needs to prevent drooping.

Facial Structure

Do you ever wonder how slim people develop double chins? This could be due to their facial structure. According to professionals, people with smaller and weaker jawlines are more prone to double chin because their skin is stretched over a smaller area. Because of this, it only takes a small increase in body fat to cause wrinkles and display drooping below the jaws.


Having a double chin is not gene-specific. However, one’s physical predispositions play a role in its development. For example, you might be more prone to weak or small jaws. Your body may not secrete enough collagen. Or, you might be prone to weight gain. If you can no longer control the drooping skin under your jaw, you can always call specialists to administer double chin dissolving injections. This way, you can eliminate the source of your physical insecurities and regain your confidence.

There you have it! Don’t worry too much about double chins. It is a natural sign of aging. Some people are even encouraged to develop it.

Thankfully, cosmetic physicians can administer chin injections to help regain the elastic nature of the skin under your jaws. If you’re looking for experts who can help you with skin and hair treatment, visit https://drscottallison.com.au/ and let the doctors help you unleash a better you.

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