Skincare for Different Parts of the Body

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Most women understand by skin care:

  • face care using a cleansing milk, a tonic lotion and different face creams depending on the type of skin and age
  • use of body milk after shower / bath.

In fact, our body has certain regions that must also be cared for, but we only discover them late enough when they already have been affected by different factors (sun, age, affections, etc.)

Here are the areas that should receive more attention in terms of their care:

The Neck

Before appearing on the face, signs of aging appear on the neck! So when we apply with a day / night cream on the face do it on the neck too! Also, it is advisable to avoid fixed body positions for a long period of time – it is necessary that during the day to make some gymnastics and sport a little.


When doing a body peeling do not forget about your buttocks! It’s so important! Also after shower when applying your body milk, do not forget to apply it to your buttocks and thighs!

The Soles

It is a good practice that once a week, when you take a long bath to rub your soles and heels with a pumice stone and then apply a special cream for feet – soles and heels.

The Back

The back skin is considered more resistant than other parts of the body. It has a very thick layer of dead cells and sebaceous glands, and that’s why the back is often full of acne baskets.

It is recommended to brush it with a brush or a natural soap sponge, to rub it thoroughly to remove dead cells and open the pores.

The Forearms

From losing weight or aging, the skin of the forearms softens and dries. When we hydrate our body with body milk or cream it is good to not forget this region!

The Elbows

The skin on the elbows is thickened and rough, becoming pretty ugly in time. It is a good idea that when bathing to use a pumice stone and rub them. By removing dead cells and applying a moisturizing cream prevents the appearance of thickened skin on the elbows.

The Ears

It is a good idea to have a massage for the ears skin from time to time using a soothing cream – this massage activates blood circulation, making them weatherproof and comfortable.

The Shoulders

In the care process of the face and neck, should be added the one of the shoulders, to avoid the appearance of pimples and black dots, which besides being unsightly are also painful.

It is good for your shoulders to be washed with a sponge not very harsh and after shower / bath to use olive oil for hydration.

The Armpits

Especially in the summer time, the armpits must be cared for more carefully. Maybe you did not know, but some women sweat more than men. This abnormal sweat is often caused by the use of contraceptive pills. It is recommended that you rinse yourself with acid water with lemon juice or vinegar daily for 1 week after washing with water and soap. If you have overheard that abundant sweat is treated with formol, is not the case of armpits.

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