How to Use Skin Care Masks Old-Style

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The cosmetics and were very strange in Roman times, they used the strangest animal products (meat or even blood) to get a mask that the woman kept on her face for a few hours or even a whole night.

But then Romanian civilization evolved, and in its glory times, it paid special attention to the beauty procedures and skin care, upgrading those strange experiments. The purpose for these masks as always was to improve the look and function of the skin, and their composition varieed according to the type of skin and the intended purpose. Here’s a classification of face masks:

  • calming masks are applied to irritated skins; they are obtained from infusions of plants, especially starch with chamomile; their effect is decongestion, the pores become smaller;
  • moisturising masks target dry and dehydrated skin, contain infusions of plants, vegetable and fruit juices depending on the nature of the skin; fruit used to make masks: peaches, apricots, plums, strawberries, yellow or red melon, grapes.
  • astringent masks are for oily complexions (or even dry ones) with open pores; they contain astringent substances obtained from fruit juices – lemon, orange or vegetables – cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots or plant infusions.
  • tonic masks help to maintain the tone of the facial muscles, and in their composition are infused by blue, mint, thyme, fruit-strawberries, strawberries;
  • bleaching masks contain hydrogen peroxide (a modern approach);
  • emollients masks are used for the regeneration of the skin and preventing wrinkles; they contain egg yolk; to combat dehydration of the skin use cream milk, whipped cream, fresh cow’s cheese

Another type of face masks used since ancient times are those of almond bran, wheat or oats. They used to cleanse the skin, its abundant secretions and impurities. And the face skin masks soaked in chamomile tea were highly appreciated.

And maybe when we are on vacation or have some spare time we decide to prepare our own skin care rejuvenation solution, I think it is worth it!

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