How to Lighten Red Hair Without Bleach?

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What Are Your Options?

The excuse that one can get vivid colors only by bleaching will no longer work because many brands have made awesome red hair dyes designed explicitly for dark hair. Although the range of colors available is still limited compared to our light-haired counterparts, stunning red, copper, and purple shades can now be achieved without having to bleach your red hair. Besides that, you have to choose the best red hair color for your skin tone.  

When Do You Dye Your Hair?

After choosing your hair dye, the next step is to plan any day to color your red hair. It is necessary to leave the hair unwashed for at least a day before any coloring process.

How to Apply the Hair Dye?

Regardless of whether you use multiple home dyes or professional dyes, the same rules apply. Always start with the length of your hair and avoid the roots of your hair. The root zone should finally be used after covering other parts of the hair. This is because the heat from the scalp can make the roots grow faster than other parts of the hair.

The dye’s time is supposed to sit on your head again, depending on each color, and therefore, one should consult the instructions for the exact time required.

How Do You Maintain Red Hair?

Red has the most abundant molecule among all colors, making it one of the fastest fading colors. It’s annoying to spend money and time to achieve the perfect shade of red, only to fade in days or weeks. So here are a few tricks to extend this fantastic shade of red.


First, use only shampoo and conditioner for red hair. They are designed to protect the color of your hair from UV rays and contaminants. If possible, choose sulfate-free products as they cleanse hair without removing color.

A great addition to your current range of hair products will be a shampoo for red hair. These products are usually red, aiming to restore color to the hair shafts during each wash. Red shampoo and conditioner can be replaced by purchasing a semi-permanent hair dye in the shade closest to your final hair color and added to the conditioner bottle of your choice. Proper proportion is not required when mixing red shampoo and conditioner, so keep feeling instinctive. The recommended use of red shampoo and conditioner will be once to twice a week.


Honey contains a little bit of hydrogen peroxide. The amount is so small that using honey will not give you damaged hair to which the highly concentrated peroxide solution is attached. But it can lighten your red hair, and as an added benefit, it’s also great for hair and scalp. You can apply it by mixing 1/3 cup with 1/4 cup conditioner and holding it overnight. It doesn’t work too fast, and it’s not too strong, so try mixing it with other methods for better results and faster.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea also can lighten hair dye naturally, leaving it pale. First, brew a healthy bowl of chamomile tea for at least half an hour, then let it cool down. Add approximately five tablespoons to an air conditioner and store the rest of the tea in a bottle. When you wash your hair, use chamomile tea instead of regular shampoo. Then adjust it to the conditioner you mixed.


Finally, you should always keep your hair hydrated. Colors do not adhere well to dry hair, so one should enjoy a hydrating hair treatment regularly. Many pharmacy brands offer these products at a relatively reasonable price. You can also profoundly moisten your hair leaving the conditioner for at least 30 minutes, with a shower cap applied for better penetration of the product. Other possibilities also include hot oil treatments, such as coconut oil or olive oil.

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