How to Correctly Wash Your Hair in Just 7 Steps

Do you know what makes a beautiful and healthy hair vs. a tarnished hair, without volume and vitality? There is no doubt that you, like me, faced this problem often and you know what I mean. But did you know where to start to get the perfect look and a shiny and flawless hair? Keep the golden rule and correctly wash your hair twice a week by using high quality cleaning and hair care products and for a better results follow the steps below.

Step One: Comb Your Hair

Maybe you don’t realize why you are losing so much hair while you wash it but you are sure that you didn’t forgot to comb it before? So, you should better brush your hair before washing to reduce the hair losing and also to stimulate the blood pressure in your scalp.

Step Two: Rinse Your Hair

To prepare your hair for the cleaning and hair caring with the products that you use, is very important to rinse it very well so the water opens the hair cuticles and let the products penetrate deeply and act correctly.

Step Three: Use the Conditioner

If you have a long hair I recommend you to use a conditioner before shampooing for extra hydration. Apply a little dose of conditioner on your hair tops and then rinse very well.

Step Four: Don’t Exaggerate by Shampooing More Than Is Necessary

Indeed, the next step is the shampoo which must be used carefully, just the quantity that your hair needs. If you use too much shampoo, in time, it will destroy your hair.

Step Five: Take Care of Your Movements

Contrary of what you may believe, the movements you use when you wash your hair mustn’t be circular because you can tangle it. Even if you rinse or shampoo you only have to do it from the hair root to the top.

Step Six: Let the Conditioner Act Deeply

Yes, you need the conditioner again, after shampooing and rinse your hair. Apply it on your top hair and up only slightly on the hair length. Let it act for a while and then rinse very well with cold water. The cold water will close the cuticles (the outer cellular layer of a hair) and will help the hair to no longer thrill.

Step Seven: Refund the Flawless and Shiny Hair by Not Using Strong Hair Dryers

Even if you followed the steps above, your hair will not regain the vitality if you continue to use the hairdryer or other devices that can damage your hair by drying excessively. The best thing that you can do is let your hair dry naturally.

Reminder: Be carefully when you choose the hair care and cleaning products, these beauty tips will have little effect if you don’t have good quality products.

You see, it is so simple to get a shiny and fully healthy hair just by following a good routine for correctly washing it! If your hair will be “happy”, so you will be. Take care of what you love and be beautiful!

Vivianne Sterling

Editorial Manager at Beautips. I love street style and I'm always in search of bits of inspiration around me. I also believe in home-made solutions for fitness, beauty tricks and healthy cooking.

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