Clothes in metallic colors

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Metallic colors are a real trend these days. Because they are the best choice for a funky party, fashionable events or you simply want to show off. Despite the color … metallic, these creations remain an elegant option.


The 70’s: Fashion was represented by disco style. Disco clothes were opulent, colorful, metallic and you could only wear them at night.
The year 2000: Silver, but especially gold,are a must-have on the catwalk, and can be found in famous designers collections: Dsquared, D & G, Versace, Chloe. The materials used are very different, but the colors remain the same.
Music: indie-rock band “Metric”, brings attention to metallic style again, in the song “Sick Muse” where the silver color is predominant. Beyonce, is a proponent of a new metal style, her stage outfit is predominantly in gold color.

This summer gold  is more popular than ever. Unconventional or eccentric, you can turn in a moment into a diva. If use it with moderation and if you choose the right accessories. Gold adds value to dark brown skin and can be worn with no problem in the summer time, but stay away from “all gold” outfit. Mix it with white or beige clothing to reduce the glam effect. You can choose the simple way, add an gold accessory to your outfit and you will definitely look glam. In the evening combine it with black and with a smokey eyes makeup and you will undoubtedly come out of anonymity wherever you are.

Gucci offers us a glamorous watch, all in gold. This can be you unique accessory!

Ralph Lauren proposes this outfit for spring-summer 2009

Elie Saab, as usual, with its sensational dresses!

D&G Shoes, black and gold!

Elie Saab and golden shorts!

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