7 Women’s Summer Fashion Trends That Made It Big in 2019

Fashion trends change with seasons and chic fashionistas just have to follow them. While there are some styles that are timeless, you cannot ignore anything that is in vogue if you want to win the fashion game.

The summer of 2019 has been sizzling hot in terms of styles and trends, with all the focus on being eye-catching with colors, cuts, prints, and patterns. Let us round up the women’s summer fashion trends that made it big in 2019.

Chic Jumpsuits 

This summer, it was all about chic and utilitarian jumpsuits that literally took over the glamour world. Surprisingly, the outfit that was designed originally to be a protective garment for manual labor, jumpsuits made their mark in a big way. The best part is that they look good on almost every body type and feel comfortable as well. All you need to do to rock the look is to choose the right color and cut. There are plenty of options in colors, prints, and lengths to explore. 

Ruffles Everywhere

The ruffle trend is not a new one as it was there on the fashion circles last season too. But the fashion circles have been dominated by this trend in the summer of 2019 and the trend will go ahead too. Whether it is dresses, blouses, skirts or gowns, ruffles came ahead as a game-changer for all kinds of garments. If you are yet to pick a ruffled piece for your wardrobe, do it sooner rather than later because you will surely need it for the next season.

Puff Sleeves

Besides the attention-grabbing ruffles, puff sleeves are another trend that made it big as a summer fashion trend this year. Stylish and striking, the sleeve style gives an old-world twist to contemporary outfits but still wins the full marks for you. At the same time, they add a powerful appeal to the wearer and make you stand apart as well. Statement puff shoulders on blouses and dresses may get you undue attention but this is something that trendy divas absolutely want. 

Shorts With Jackets

Without any doubt, shorts are the summer staples and they always will be. You cannot consider your summer wardrobe complete without a few pairs of short shorts in there. 2019 witnessed an amazing trend with women’s shorts as there was a lot of layering with jackets. The most popular layering options included short jackets and long blazers, all made in lightweight and summer-friendly fabrics. The best part is that you can be creative and create versatile outfits with mix and match if you follow this trend.

Animal Instincts

Another trend that you must have surely noticed this season is animal instincts. There were animal prints everywhere, on dresses, shirts, shoes, bags, and accessories. An animal print or two is something that almost every fashionista owns and you would probably have used them a lot this summer. And the good news for those who bought a few pieces to keep pace with the trend is that it is going nowhere. You will see lots and lots of animal prints in the year ahead.

Colored Tartan

Leopard and snakeskin were not the only popular prints in the summer of 2019. A lot of colored tartans were seen on the fashion circuits everywhere. That’s not all because there was much experimentation with colors. Pink, yellow, orange and green came ahead of the classic shades of grey and blue. The traditional print was not as subtle as it always has been. And there was much creative play with the designs in tartan as well, as outfits ranged from chic pantsuits to stylish jackets, classic pants, and trendy shorts.


If you think that patchwork is just your grandma’s craft, you are absolutely mistaken because it no longer is! In fact, patchwork was one of the hottest summer fashion trends in the summer of 2019. You would have spotted it on tops, dresses, pants, and jumpsuits. This is a creative design trend that focuses on crafting colorful outfits by sewing together contrasting pieces of fabric in a way that they appear to be a single unit. The best part of this trend is that you can easily DIY it by simply stitching a patch over an existing garment. So repurposing makes it a cost-effective idea.

So these were the trends that rocked the global fashion landscape in the summer of 2019. Many of these trends are expected to be around in the next season as well. If you have missed them this summer, you can still flaunt them in the next! 

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