7 Tips in Preparing for Your Breast Augmentation

Here is a list of the top seven things to do to prepare for your breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation is a highly demanded surgery in the United States and the rest of the world. Thousands of women each year opt for this procedure to improve their appearance and the quality of their lives.

If you’ve already chosen a clinic and a surgeon, you probably know that you have to prepare for the procedure. Proper preparation is a formidable part of the surgery’s success. No matter how experienced the surgeon is, if the patient doesn’t prepare, the surgery may end with complications.

We talked to several breast augmentation surgeons from Seattle to come up with a list of the top seven things to do to prepare for your breast augmentation surgery.

1.   Prep Your Home

When you come back home after the surgery, you may be feeling a little sick and dizzy. Your doctor will limit your activity in order for the healing to proceed properly.

So you need to equip your house for your recovery period in advance. Buy sufficient groceries. Invest in several frozen dinners. Make sure you don’t have to lift heavy bags or large cartons of milk and juice. Prepare pillows to help you sleep in a slightly elevated position.

Ideally, ask a friend or a family member to stay with you for at least a couple of days after the surgery.

2.   Invest in Comfy Clothing

Forget about belts, sneakers with laces, and tight clothing. Bring only the most comfortable cotton garments with you to the clinic. Have them at home as well. Make sure your shoes are easy to slip on. If it’s warm out, opt for flip-flops.

You will have to stay away from tight clothing for a while. Allow your skin to breathe and your breasts to heal before slipping into tight-fitting shirts.

3.   Say No to Some Meds, Smoking, and Alcohol

Talk to your doctor about limiting the intake of blood-thinning medications. Some of the most common ones are ibuprofen, Advil, and warfarin. Make sure your doctor knows which meds you are taking. You can get information about what to use to replace them.

While limiting the medications, quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol at least a week before the surgery.

Nicotine and alcohol weaken your immune system, hinder blood circulation, and increase the risk of post-op complications.

4.   Take Care of Your Health

Since breast augmentation is not an emergency surgery, it’s important to go in completely healthy. If you have a sore throat or a runny nose, make sure to tell your doctor. The surgery may need to be postponed.

Any surgery, including breast augmentations, is hard on your immune system. It’s important for it to function properly during the surgery. If the system is weakened, you may face unexpected complications.  

5.   Talk to Your Doctor

Don’t hesitate to ask your doctor any questions that bother you. Remember, when it comes to your health, stupid questions don’t exist. If you have any reservations about the surgery, your health or the clinic you have chosen, resolve them before the surgery.

6.   Stay Calm

Any surgery is stressful for a person. However, it’s important to stay as calm and happy as possible. Your mental state is highly important for your recovery. So instead of worrying about the procedure and reading about complications, think about how amazing your new breasts will look.

7.   Follow the Don’ts

On the day of the surgery, follow these don’ts:

·         Don’t eat or drink

·         Don’t wear uncomfortable clothing

·         Don’t apply lotion

·         Don’t wear contact lenses

·         Don’t be late

If you take the time to prepare for the breast augmentation procedure properly, it is highly likely to go smoothly. 

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