My 7 Proven Ways to Get a Healthy and Glowing Skin

Check my 7 beauty tips on heaving a healthy and glowing skin. Some of them seem obvious, but we have to remember them from time to time, just not to miss one.

making You may think of yourself to be ordinary or even your skin to be less than glamorous. There is one thing you need to appreciate though, and that is you only have one skin — so it is best that you learn to accept it and to live with it now.

You know why else you are fortunate despite you believing all this time that you are cursed to be living with less than glowing skin?  It’s because of the fact that you have been born with skin that can heal and treat itself.  You know how good food can redound to good health and long life, right?  Well, did you know that good food can also fuel your skin to become flawless?

To Give Your Skin a Natural, Glowing Complexion All the Time, Follow These 7 Tips:

Get Enough Sleep

It is your body’s best weapon against dull, aging skin. Sleep sends your cells into overdrive, repairing damages and renewing lost cells as you give yourself a rest.  It isn’t called a beauty sleep without a reason, you know.  If you are not yet used to hitting the sheets early, get your head sleepy by turning off  the tv and putting your mobile devices in “Do not disturb” mode.  Play a soft music in the background, take a hot  bath, or sip a glass of wine.

Keep Protecting Your Skin

Glowing complexion is impossible to achieve without prioritizing skin protection.  Wear your sunscreen daily.  Well, not just any other sunscreen will do.  Make sure to get only non-toxic UV protection from mineral sunscreens made only from Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide.  Reapply sunscreen throughout the day on all exposed areas of your skin, and not just your face.  Double up your sun protection with antioxidants, which also neutralizes cell damaging free radicals. Products like BioDiamond also help in making your skin healthy and glowing.

Feed on a Healthy Plate

Antioxidants that are good for cell protection, anti-inflammatories which enhance your heart health, and fibers which help detoxify your system are all good for your skin too. Make sure to fill your plate with good food that satiate your tastebuds but also satisfy the needs of your body, mind and soul.  Do not skip on any food group, not even fats.  Just make sure to get everything in their recommended dietary levels.

Exercise Regularly

Beat obesity and rusty movements by being physically active everyday.  Promote good health by improving your blood circulation.  By getting your nutrient-rich blood where these are needed, you are following through your healthy diet.

Give Your Skin a Good Cleanse

Don’t start on your daytime routine without starting it with one, and never go to bed without washing your face.  By keeping your face clean, you are promoting blemish-free skin that is free from makeup residues and other skin impurities.  A smooth skin where a touch can glide begins with clean skin but, refrain from over washing which strips away your skin’s natural oils.  Even when oily skin is your top skin concern, cleansing more than twice daily is not the solution.


Encourage the formation and surfacing of newer, younger skin by exfoliating.  Perform this process up to twice weekly only to encourage your skin to more rapidly produce collagen in larger quantities  The sloughing off of the skin forces a turnover where newer, less or undamaged skin replaces the damaged skin on the surface.  The result?  You get a smoother epidermis that is brighter and more naturally glowing.

Stay Happy

Don’t let life’s troubles bring you down. Manage your stresses well and do whatever makes you happy. Spend quality moments with people you care about most so that you can cherish the memories that you share together for the rest of your lives. This isn’t just a tip that works our a healthier skin for you but, is also the secret to attaining long life.


When it comes to healthy skin, all the necessary processes you need are already part of the regular functions and roles of your skin — all you got left to do is to encourage these processes through mundane things that you do everyday.

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