6 Ways to Reduce the Signs of Aging

Check out our amazing ways to reduce the signs of aging.
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Let’s be totally honest. There probably isn’t an adult on the planet who looks forward to getting old, but it happens to the best of us, including the famous. Models, actresses, and professional athletes will start to see signs of aging, but they fight back and have learned some tricks of the trade. You don’t have to spend a mint to look naturally youthful. Check out our amazing ways to reduce the signs of aging.

1. Topical Retin-A

Sure, there is always plastic surgery to turn back the hands of time, but if you prefer a more subtle method of maintaining a younger-looking face and neck, then consider the topical known as Retin-A. The cream is made of a derivative of Vitamin A, and it does a superb job of keeping your complexion clear and smooth, but it can also help fade wrinkles and balance your skin tone.

Retin-A is believed to be the only true skincare topical that delivers real results. You can obtain its prescription from your dermatologist or primary care physician. It’s easy to use and is worn sparingly at night.

Patience is required when applying Retin-A. It performs at the cellular level and takes several months to see the full effects.

2. Hair Growth System

When it comes to your self-confidence and looking youthful, a head of healthy, shiny, strong hair matters to most of us. With general aging and genetics, our crowning glory can get thinner, weaker, and fall out over time. This can be a frustrating issue and one that is not easy to talk about.

Today, incredible advances have been made in hair growth systems that are safe and scientifically proven. The most promising of these is called LLLT or Low-Level Light Therapy. The Revian laser cap you wear has been designed to add energy and blood flow to the hair follicles to grow stronger, thicker strands.

3. Anti-Aging Foods

Yes, you are what you eat when it comes to maintaining that enviable skin that others notice. According to skincare experts like Dr. Debra Jaliman, board-certified NYC dermatologist, foods that are rich in Vitamin C produce very good results to firm up the skin, smooth the texture of your skin, and may help prevent fine lines from forming or getting any deeper.

Some excellent Vitamin C foods include blueberries, kiwifruit, leafy greens, guavas, bell peppers, oranges, papayas, strawberries, broccoli, snow peas, and tomatoes.

4. Yes to Sunscreen

No one can get away without wearing sunscreen daily. It’s annoying for some people to put it on, but it really does offer benefits.

Recent studies have shown that applying regular sunscreen by young and mid-aged adults under 55 decreases the risk of skin cancer and also protects against photoaging such as wrinkling, spotting, and loss of elasticity.

5. an Exfoliation Routine

Our faces and bodies are covered in skin cells, and when they die off having done their job, many times, they accumulate in layers as they are continuously replaced by healthy, new skin cells.

This buildup of dried, dead skin cells can create a dull-looking complexion, clog the pores, and need to be scrubbed away. This technique is called exfoliation.

There are plenty of exfoliation formulas and sponges on drugstore shelves developed just for the body and those just for the face.

By scrubbing away the dead skin cells, you are allowing your complexion to be super-clean and to help anti-aging formulas better penetrate into the skin.

6. Hyaluronic Acid Magic

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally found in the human body. It gives that healthy fullness and moisture to our skin and joints. As we age, however, HA levels drop significantly to sag our skin, reduce collagen, and cause wrinkles to form.

You can go to a dermatologist for temporary hyaluronic acid injections to plump up your facial contours. Or you can apply HA topical serums/creams to your skin for a similar but more natural-looking effect.

If you’re freaking out about getting older, don’t worry. Beauty science has given us amazing ways to fight back. Try a few of our tips listed above, and get ready for some compliments. These tried and true methods work!

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