5 Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

Curls are a thing this fall, but the heat from the curling iron can really damage your hair. Let’s learn how to curl our hair without heat!

We all want those perfect curls, the Victoria’s Secret Angels curls, but the heat can damage your hair very much, even if you use heat protection. I’ve tried some other ways to curl my hair without heat, and the results were beautiful!

Use a Sock Before Going to Bed 🙂

Begin with freshly brushed hair. Then section it off, taking the hair at the crown and leaving the sides and nape for later. Take a sock and roll your hair around it starting at the ends and all the way up. Tie the sock in a knot when you are done. Now you can go to bed. In the morning, the socks should still be in place. Untie all the socks and free your hair, and then use your fingers to separate the curls. It’s really simple, give it a try!

Wet Hair

Wet your hair with a little bit of water, and rush your hair thoroughly. Then separate your hair in two sections or more. Twist each section tightly.

Turn the twists into small buns, and then leave in place during sleep. Let them dry overnight.
Open the buns in the morning and you will have amazing curls with really no effort!

Use a Headband!

Yes, you can curl your hair with a headband too. It’s really simple: just make sure your hair is wet (but not too much), and then put the headband on your head, and wrap all your hair around it. Sleep like this, and in the morning you will be surprised with those beautiful curls that you will have!

You Can Use Soft Rollers for Overnight Curls

It’s pretty easy to do them. Just take a section of your hair and wrap it around the roller. Sleep like this and take them all out in the morning.

Use a Hair Sponge

For those really small curls, use a hair sponge.


They can take some time, but you will have some amazing curls when you will wake up in the morning! Just wrap your hair around your fingers and put a pin to make them stay in place all night!

It’s Very Easy (and Healthy, Too) to Curl Your Hair Without a Heat Dryer

You will save so much time in the morning with those methods to curl your hair without heat! Just do this at night and sleep like that. In the morning you will have time to do other important things than your hair!

Of course, if you think that a heat dryer will suit you best, just pick a great one for fine hair, because damage on your curls are not easy to fix.

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