4 Reasons Why Aussies Should Choose Ethical Activewear

The demand for sustainable activewear is growing in Australia as more active people aim to achieve a healthy lifestyle while protecting the environment. Here are four reasons why Aussies love ethical activewear and why you should too.

Australia is the sixth biggest nation across the globe, with an area of almost 8 million square kilometres. In 2017 alone, it ranks 13th among the largest economies worldwide with a gross domestic product of over $1 trillion. Amongst other Australia’s growing industry, the fitness and athletic clothing sector thrive with a market size worth $3 billion.

The rising trend of ethical activewear in Australia, which is both fashionable and sustainable, has also begun to gain its footing within the industry. The ethical fashion trend is getting more popular over the years with increasing numbers of sports and activewear clothing companies following a more ethical and less destructive manufacturing process.

Ethical Activewear Is Ideal for Workers

When it comes to labour treatment, the fashion industry is amongst the most horrible with numerous workers, including children, exploited for the sake of money. The labourers work in a crowded, unsafe workplace without standard access to healthcare services.

Fortunately, ethical fashion comes in and attempts to correct these mistreatments. Several brands in Australia make it a point to give salary and humane work settings for their workers. Hence, while exercising for better health, consumers who choose ethical activewear can be at ease while knowing they help make the life of such employees better and healthier.

Ethical Activewear Helps Save the Planet and Is Sustainable

Surprisingly, one of the biggest culprits that contaminate the planet after the oil and gas industry is the fashion industry. The industry is destroying the environment through the manufacturing process of clothes. Plenty of manufacturers make clothes with a massive amount of resources and chemicals, which leaves a lot of waste to the environment. And these clothes will just get dumped in the landfills once it is worn out.

The ethical activewear in Australia, on the other hand, uses eco-friendly and sustainable materials which utilizes less water to grow and free from harmful chemicals. For instance, Tencel, a famous sustainable fabric, is 100% recyclable. Hence, consumers who chose ethical activewear indirectly contribute to saving the planet, reduce waste, and decrease the adverse environmental effects of the fashion industry.

Ethical Activewear Is Free From Hazardous Chemicals

Picking ethical activewear not only helps save the planet, but it can also save consumers’ lives. Multiple health authorities have pointed out increasing proof that many clothing companies create clothes with the inclusion of toxic chemicals in the fabrics, which may be harmful to the consumers’ well-being. Since ethical activewear uses natural and organic fibres, it is free from these dangerous substances.

Ethical Activewear Is Made to Last

Sustainable brands in Australia focus on high-quality materials and finishes, all of which are made to last a long time while being environmentally-friendly. Consumers who choose top-quality, sustainable ethical activewear in Australia can reduce their clothing waste and save money in the long run.

Unexpectedly, the fashion industry is one of the most damaging industries on the planet. Making a conscious action of buying ethical activewear helps make a difference to the environment, labourer and yourself. Also, it is free of dangerous chemicals, sustainable, and made with high-quality materials that can last for a long time.

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