You Will Not Believe How This 5-Minute Routine Can Make Your Skin Healthier

Perhaps you have always thought that taking care of your skin is a tedious process that requires a lot of time and motivation. And maybe you have made it your new year’s resolution to take better care of your skin.

At least we would like to believe that. Taking care of your skin in winter is just as important as it is in any other season. You might think that there is nothing wrong that the coldness can do to your skin that can compare with the hot weather during the summer.

But just because the sun is not shining as bright as it is during the summer days, that does not mean that you are safe and sound outside in the coldness. Cold weather has been found to cause dryness, common acne breakouts, more visible wrinkles and fine lines, dark patches and dark circles under your eyes.

But you can prevent anything from happening with what we like to call – the amazing yet simple 5-minute skincare routine. After you are done reading this article, we imagine that it will be quite the challenge to find the excuse to why you are not spending at least 5 minutes out of 24 hours to take proper care of your skin.

We would recommend completing the following 5-minute skincare routine first thing in the morning to give your skin a more refreshed and glowing look that you can show off the whole day!

Step One – Exfoliate!

First thing in the morning, grab your exfoliator and give yourself an excellent exfoliating treatment that will take only 1 minute to complete and yet it takes such a vital part in the winter skincare routine. And in exchange, it will let your skin to breathe through those clean pores with no trace of any dead skin cells.

Most commonly, the reason for why you are experiencing frequent acne breakouts is because you forget about the importance of a good exfoliating session.

This causes your pores fill up with dead skin cells and sooner than you know, your skin is not able to breathe, and those bacteria get the chance to set their homes and now live in your pores causing acne to occur.

Step Two – Use an Anti-Again Cream

In each person’s life, there is a moment where you should start thinking about using a quality anti-aging cream to decrease and prevent the development of the visible wrinkles and fine lines.

Anti-aging creams have been proven to work efficiently towards giving you a younger look by refreshing your skin and letting it feel smoother, brighter and more beautiful.

Make sure that you apply the anti-aging cream around your eyes, especially. This is one of the first places where you will start noticing wrinkles developing. For the best results, find yourself an anti-wrinkle cream that contains hyaluronic acid.

Step Three – Moisturize

It is all about using a quality moisturizer to hydrate your skin and letting it transform into a smoother version of itself. Apply moisturizer in the morning, but apply it after each shower and as well as at night, before you go to sleep.

And while you are at it, drink a glass of water. Using a quality moisturizer can do so much. However, water offers to hydrate your whole body, including the biggest organ of all – your skin.

And this is not an offer that you would want to say no to. Remove any sign of a dull complexion by letting water and a proper moisturizer help you!

Step Four – Apply Sunscreen

Just because you do not see the sun, that does not mean that it does not see you. And do not get fooled – the sun during the cold days shines just as bright and poses the same dangers to your skin as it does during the hot, summer days.

Sun damage has been proven to cause at least 80% of the visible wrinkles and fine lines, adding an accent to your aging changes.

It will take 1 minute of your day to apply your favourite sunscreen with at least SPF 30 before you expose yourself to the outside world, but it will save you a lot of troubles. And this will help you grow in confidence each day with wrinkle-free skin.

Step Five – Add a Lip Balm

Lipsticks are great, they add colour to your lips and often are the perfect makeup finish that you are aiming towards. And that is why often women forget about the importance of using a quality lip balm as well.

A lipstick can hardly ever protect your lips as good as a quality lip balm can. And that is vital during the cold days which often cause your skin to dry and your lips to crack. That can get quite painful right?

So get yourself a lip balm that smells and tastes fantastic and let it protect your lips while you are now enjoying the days with perfectly smooth lips!

These Are the Five Steps to a Healthier Skin!

Today we have brought you a simple, yet amazing skincare routine that only takes 5 minutes from your busy schedule and yet offers you inexplicable beneficial effects in return. From smooth, brightening skin to smooth lips and no wrinkles, this skincare routine covers all the vital beauty problems that most people face during the cold days.

Take these 5 simple steps one by one in the morning to prepare yourself for the start of the day and give your skin the attention that it deserves first thing in the morning.

Then, you can continue with your day not worrying about your skincare routine and letting your skin tell everybody how healthy and glowing it is!

It will not take long for you to forget all about oily skin, common acne breakouts, dryness and wrinkles after you try this amazing skincare routine!


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