When and How You Should Wear Rings?

So, rings as an accessory are a big trend this year. Check these ideas below:

Midi Rings

Midi rings fit on the upper digits of the finger rather than staying seated down by the largest knuckles. They’re fun to wear for a night out or when you’re doing activities (like typing) that won’t risk getting them stuck on anything. Leave these rings at home when you’re headed to the gym to lift weights; finger swelling is not your friend when it comes to midis. With that said, they’re great for adding a little extra bling or mixing up a look. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors.

traditional rings

Traditional Rings

Traditional rings are what you typically picture when someone talks about this particular piece of jewelry. Engagement rings, wedding rings, and most every day rings are traditional fit. You can wear these rings all the time; some people never take them off. As long as the metal is something that won’t turn your finger green due to oxidation, you’re all set to keep them on. Gold, platinum, and sterling are all quality materials that won’t decay over time.

Once you’re sold on a particular style of ring (or mix of the two), you’re ready to pick out rings and style them. Different trends are around to spark your creativity. Remember to keep your ring size in mind. (You can always stop at a jewelry counter to be sized if you’re not sure about yours.) The general rule with rings is to balance sizes, shapes, and colors.


Trend: Skinny to Thick

Stacking rings with more weight toward the bottom of fingers and skinnier rings toward the top allows balance to follow the fingers’ architecture. This keeps patterns sleek.

Trend: Color Matching

Matching gemstones create a put-together statement. You can mix and match stones to mesh with the day’s outfit, or keep them a drastic contrast for a little drama. The rings here with dark gemstones are a perfect example.

Trend: All Silver Everything

Mixing different shapes and sizes of silver rings pulls everything together through color and metal type. Creating an individualistic effect, the mix-and-match philosophy is artsy and chic all at once.

Trend: Pointer Finger Stacking

Stacking eclectic rings up your pointer finger can create a confident, boss-like effect. Drawing attention to this particular finger symbolizes power and authority.


Trend: Classy Pearls

Wearing a flannel and jeans? Pearls are a great way to add some class to take your outfit from “blah” to “bam.”


Trend: Turquoise Fever

Feel free to theme your ring collection by mixing different designs with the same stone included. This might be turquoise, or you might pick opals, rubies, or something else. Play with collecting your favorites.


Trend: Separating Metals

Try to group your rings based on types of metal. Often, brushed metals look better paired with other brushed metals, and shiny with shiny. This rule isn’t hard and fast, but a combination of brushed and shiny can look unorganized.


Trend: Vintage Statements

Intricate designs with lots of detail and poignant gemstones make great stand-alone pieces when you’re feeling bold. Vintage rings are available in a variety of metals and colors; just pick your favorite.

Lastly, knowing the symbolism behind each finger can also help to inform your ring selection. The pinky finger is typically characterized by the ability to communicate articulately. The ring finger coordinates with love and relationships, as might be surmised by its ability to sport wedding and engagement rings. The middle finger is correlated with responsibility, while the pointer finger is tied to authority and power. Lastly, the thumbs are symbolic of individuality and free thought.

Truly, there are a number of times and ways to wear different sorts of rings. These are just a few of the apparent trends; feel free to play with different styles and wear what you like! Let your own creativity drive your style. Check out this special ring collection to find something specifically for your style.

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