Walking on foot – a key to your health

It’s been a while since your last walk?! When did you walk on foot more than 5 minutes?

It’s been a while since your last walk?! When did you walk on foot more than 5 minutes? Maybe you will not be so eager to go by car when we tell you that daily walking can reduce by 50% to 70% the risk of premature death, keeping your whole body in shape.

Walking is one of the cheaper and easier ways to be in shape. Except the beauty of a walk in the park you have lots and lots of benefits. It helps you, offering you a great tone; it strengthens your muscles, fights against cellulite and keeps you healthy, away from heart diseases. We want you to see how easy it really is to spend more time walking, so, we share with you some tips that, in fact are a key to your health:

1. Sometimes try to walk fast

And we are not referring to running after the bus. Alert walking improves the condition of the heart, and it activates more than 30 muscles.

2. Take advantage of any opportunity to go on foot

The bus is crowded? Leave the bus 2 stations earlier and walk! … Refuse the willing colleague that wants to drive to the subway station with his car … Visit the center and shops, not just the mall, you buy nice things and you spend a lot of time walking … Take the dog to the park more often, and help him and yourself at the same time!

3. Try to walk backwards at least 20 steps per day

In this way your muscles will lose their daily routine and you will “wake them” up. It is also a great attention exercise and it will increase the level of adrenaline.

We offer you another tip, if you will change, for only one week your routine, and you will walk to work every day, we guarantee spectacular results. Try this! Do not exaggerate with food and drink a lot of water, and in one week you will be at least 2 kg thinner!

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