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25 EOS Hacks (and Some Beauty Tips)

The basic EOS lip balm is not that basic. You can use it for many other things than your lips.

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30 Beauty Tips (or Hacks) You Need to Know

Being a girl can be really difficult. We feel like nobody understands us. We can make our life easier with some beauty tips and tricks.

Five Secret Beauty Facts That Attract Our Partner

We struggle to find all sorts of things and inventions with which we can look better, sexier, slender… but we forget sometimes that the person sitting right next to us might love our simple beauty.

Hand with glove and ring

Style Inspiration and Tips: 5 Rings for 5 Different Occasions

Let’s review five occasions and how to style your finger rings to them because accessories are the closing of your style circle.

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Creative Braid Tutorials That Are Deceptively Easy

Braids are evergreen! I’m sure all women would agree to this. Any age group can carry off a braid with ease and look elegant too.

Colors That Flatter You

For a dark, russet, brown and natural blond hair find the right combination with your makeup and your clothes.

The young man gives a wedding ring gift to girl in restaurant

5 Ways to Hint That All You Want for Christmas Is a Diamond Ring

If it’s time for “that ring” to go on your finger, Christmas is a great time to take the hinting to the next level.

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How to Minimise Breakouts and Maintain a Healthy-Beautiful Complexion

Here are a few things that probably never crossed your mind when it comes to cleaning your face or minimizing breakouts.

Change Your Eating Habits and Lose 10 Pounds in a Blink

Some people are motivated by the arrival of summer for losing weight, others make dieting their daily program. No mater the reasons, I know many women who have one goal, to lose around 10 pounds, but quick.

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Beauty Tips for Choosing the Correct Foundation Color

I am sure you found yourself in front of a hard choice… “what color should I choose for my foundation?”. So, read our beauty tips.