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15 Rules to Help You Manage Your Weight Loss

You know that sports or dieting from time to time does not help you on the long run if you don’t switch your lifestyle altogether. Let’s start with those little eating habits that seems to stop you from losing weight.

7 Beauty Tips for Great Eyelashes

I compiled a short list of beauty tips for your eyelashes, not them down.

Tips for Sexy Legs and Butt

Sexy legs and but? Yes, please.

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9 Beauty Tips and Tricks for This Summer

In the summer, our body requires more careful and somewhat different care than we do in the cold season. The makeup stretches, the sun creams do not work, we sweat a lot, the hair, the skin and the lips are affected by the UV rays. It seems like nothing helps us! Here are 9 questions that you will surely put to you every summer and the answers that will help you get a great look despite the hiccups.

eye makeup

Best Type of Eyeliner for Beginners

Sometimes it’s hard to find and also hard to select various beauty products, if you are considering the best eyeliner for you, you need to consider for how long you will be using that liner; anyway your choice could be different in different situations.


Ombre Manicure – Simple Designs in Delicate Gradient Nail Color

Ombre nails patterns or gradients are among the most popular choices in terms of manicure at the moment, remaining in the top nail choices of aficionados season after season. How is the best way to get ombre nails?

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Beauty Tips for Your Skin: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Regimen

We all forget sometimes to treat right our skin, especially on face and we all have a tendency of using various methods of skin care, in somewhat chaotic way.

acne scars

Plagued by Acne Scars? Simple Secrets to Fade Them Away

Are you happy that your acne is slowly fading away but also sad that it’s leaving behind acne scars that are going to stay forever?

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5 Beauty Tips to Keep in Handy

Once in a while we stumble upon some really cool beauty tips and tricks that, after reading them leaves us wondering: “why didn’t I knew that before?”

Hair straight

The Best Flat Irons Review Guide 2016

Buying a flat iron can be a confusing task because there are so many different types of flat irons and they are not all designed equally.