Planning a Girls Weekend in Arizona

Ladies, have you ever planned a weekend getaway with your friends? There are a lot of things to consider, especially if you have a crew who all love different things. That’s why themed location getaways are especially fun because everyone can find something to do together. One of the best places to go for a weekend adventure is Arizona.

How to Become More Attractive, Be More Beautiful and Get More Love? 6 Inner Beauty Tips

Taking care of yourself first is the first rule of becoming gorgeous and get that inner glow that all around you will notice! I bet you know all of these basic inner beauty tips, but it doesn’t hurt repeating them, just so you will never forget about caring for yourself, ok?

For Your Eyes Only: A Newbie’s Guide to Eyelash Extensions

They say that the “Eyes are the windows to your soul”. Many believe that when you look at the person straight in the eye, you will feel and see how sincere they really are to you. You can also identify if they’re telling the truth or a lie. This situation is why women take care of their appearance, particularly when it comes to their eyelashes.