Fitness and Diet Tips


What Is the Cambridge Diet?

Basically, the Cambridge Diet consists of taking the right amount of calories, in the right micro and macronutrients proportions.


5 Foods to “Eat” and “Not to Eat” Post Workout

Let us look at some of the best foods that can be taken post workouts and some foods that need to be avoided post workouts.


6 Facts About Bacon That You Probably Didn’t Know

Bacon is great in low-carbs dieting, so let’s learn something more of our beloved high-protein slice.

How Moms Can Stay Fit Even at Home1

How Moms Can Stay Fit Even at Home

Here are 10 golden tips for moms to stay in shape at home.


Swim Workouts That Target Your Abdomen

Exercises during swimming provide you support, resistance, opportunities to build strength and it is low impact.

Cardio Kickboxing

5 Things That Make Cardio Kickboxing the Best Workout Ever

If you care about your cardio, you should pay attention to some kickboxing, it burns your fat so quickly!

elliptical machine

Benefits Of Using an Elliptical Machine

Read on to explore the amazing benefits of elliptical machine workouts.


Tips for Wearing Leggings

Below are some of the tips for leggings style that will help you stand out.

Woman, Eating

10 Tips to Cook Like a Pro for Your Loved One and Keep the Food Healthy

Here are our tips you can use to cook like a professional and make sure that the food is healthy.


5 Healthy Fishes to Cook for a Romantic Night

If you really wanna impress your loved one at dinner, watcha gonna cook? Pasta? Pork? Chicken? No.. tell him you’re an expert – try fish!