Fitness and Diet Tips

I want to: lose weight. So I: eat well!

Proteins, fibers and fats. Specialists teach us how to eat anything we want and still lose unwanted kilos!

5 exercises for sexy legs!

In this article we shall offer you some advice about how easy you could get sexy shanks with 5 easy steps.

Diet with exotic fruits

Brought from very far away, exotic fruits are a must-have in your diet! Especially if you want a slender and beautiful body. Read their “business card” below and choose the ones that fit your needs best!

Home–activities, minus 2650 calories!

You have no time to get to the gym! You would do something to move your muscles, and strengthen them, but what and when?!. We help you with simple great ideas!

Yes or no to Fruit Diet?

There is a YES part in every diet and also a NO part…Let’s find out the truth about the fruit diet

10 rules for losing weight

10 holly rules for losing weight. It is so easy to apply them, and you will see results in no more than one month.

5 home – exercises for a slender body

We all know that sport is the key element in our life, not only for a beautiful body, but also for feeling good, relaxed. We show you a simple program made of basic physical exercises that you should follow 20-30 minutes per day.

5 tricks stars use for losing weight

Stars teach us the shortest way we can get a beautiful body like theirs. Halle Berry with her five “small” meals, and a fitness trainer, give us the recipe for a great tonus.

Complete your diet with exercises

Any physical activity helps you toughen your muscles and helps you losing weight, as long as a do it for one hour. Most obvious sign that an exercise gets that benefic effect is: sweat.

Intensive slimming program

When you do not recognize yourself in the mirror, you must change almost your entire life. We offer a few tricks to lose weight efficient and healthy.