How to Build a Stylish Autumn Wardrobe

We usually say that there is no bad time and that the weather must be an ally, but when it comes to a lady’s wardrobe, this is not as simple as it sounds. All of us know how important it is to look modern and stylish all the time, in any season, and to pay more attention to the autumn-winter wardrobe.

Beauty Tips for Your Wedding Day

You will be the center of attraction on your wedding day. Running around, planning, coordinating, and constant stress could ruin your big day for you! Be wise and gear up for your wedding day well in advance. You should aim at achieving a runway bridal look for your wedding.

5 Trends to Inspire Your Prom Dress Pick

Prom is the event you look forward to all school year. When prom season arrives at long last, finding the perfect dress becomes top priority. Keep this season’s trends in mind when dress hunting and aim to strike that just-right balance between being fashionably on trend and true to your personal style. Have all eyes on you by picking the perfect dress to flaunt on prom night!

How to Look Fresh After a Memorable Night

Did you just get home this morning and hardly hear the alarm? Do you have the impression that you have just gotten into bed and that you already have to wake up? Ah, but it was worth the last night – how much fun, how fun! Oh and what muscular fatigue you have! Here is what I propose you to do to look fresh, so that no one can read tireness on your face!

10 Things You Should Avoid When You Are Wearing Heels

Cinderella proved that a pair of shoes could change a woman’s life. And it is not a secret that women who wear a pair of stilettos can make their outfit look sexy. Ladies always choose to wear their heels when they want to fire up their look. But it is also true that some of them love and hate this thing at the same time.

12 Rules for Being a Fashion Forerunner

Fashion is unique to each individual, but most people want to get a jump on the latest on trends. Then there are the fashion forerunners. The fashionistas who push the boundaries and set the trends before they start. Are you one of those fashion forerunners? Do you always seem to be one step ahead of […]

Is Tory Burch’s Resort 2018 Collection a Plagiarism?

The American designer, Tory Burch presented in a fashion show the Resort 2018 collection, a full of simplicity and refinement alike. As Tory said, the main muses for this collection were Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Princess Elizabeth of Toro, so like the previous collection, this one didn’t disappoint. Or maybe yes, it did.

How to Choose the Right Nail Shape for Your Fingers

Well-groomed hands arena of the best accessory that every elegant woman, regardless her age, nationality and social status can flaunt. The beauty of your hands is very important because a well-chosen nail shape and a neat manicure make you more self-confident and attractive.