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How Jewelry Selection Depicts your Personal Style

How Jewelry Selection Depicts Your Personal Style

Jewelry is not always just another reason for you to show off; the jewelry you choose to flaunt— whether on a daily basis or at special occasions— often says a lot about what means the most to you, your outlook in life, your personality, and your sense of style.


Leather Trends for Spring/Summer 2019 | Pay Attention to These Fashion Details

Today we will cover some things dictated by the fashion industry that you will need to keep an eye on so that you do not miss any fashion alerts for this spring.

tankini beach

What Is a Tankini Swimsuit?

The tankini is a swimsuit that combines a regular bikini and a tank-top (tank-top + bikini) and it is named after tank suits, one-piece bathing costumes of the 1920s worn in tanks or swimming pools.


What Does Your Style Say About Your Personality?

Did you know that you can “read” a person’s personality by their clothes? Of course you do, but let’s break it down a bit.

Yellow Bag

How to Efficiently Pack Your Beauty Goodies for a Holiday Getaway

When you go on a vacation – long or short – you always have a pop-up in your mind: what to pack? Travel light or be prepared for whatever. Here are our shots to this monumental worry.

The Power of a Beautiful Piece of Lingerie

The best way to feel sexy outside your home is to feel sexy at home. Wearing lingerie and pairing it up with positive comments can definitely make a woman feel sexy.


Tips for Wearing Leggings

Below are some of the tips for leggings style that will help you stand out.


Winter Blues: Ways to Keep Your Kids Happy This Winter

This is not a beauty article, for sure, but it worth to sometime get off tracks and write about what makes a mummy happy. And happy means smiles and beautiful, right?

Pregnant at the beach

3 Tips for Choosing Dresses That Flatter the Baby Bump

It’s always exciting to get invitations for special occasions that will require you to dress up. However, having a problematic tummy area, or if you’re simply pregnant, can be a major issue if you need to wear a dress.


How to Get Rid of Old Clothes – Few Ideas

This article will give you some of the best ways to make room for new clothes in your closet without harming the environment.