Fashion Tips


How to Tell if Your Designer Bag Is Authentic

How to spot a fake bag and what are the issues you should pay attention to when buying a brand bag.


A Guide to Trademarking Your Cosmetic Line Internationally

If you are daydreaming about starting your own business in cosmetics, do your homework about the steps in protecting your trademark.


Why to Do Your Shopping Online

Shopping online is the smartest way to do it nowadays. If you’re still into the classical mall shopping, there are some reasons to switch.


The Tried and True Tradition of Diamonds

Let’s see what are the main appeals of a diamond.

How to Dress Up for Coachella 1

How to Dress Up for Coachella

Coachella has created its own fun festival fashion that is a hit among the younger generations. Here’s what to wear to stay comfortable all day.

A woman wearing a black coat over a pink wrap dress

Mix and Match: How Not to Wear the Same Outfit Twice

Let’s recap the tactics for mixing and matching your clothes so you will never wear the same outfit twice.


A Photographer’s Guide to Wedding Photography

If you are an aspiring wedding photographer or you just want to look better in your wedding photos, this post will give you a guide to an effective wedding photography.


7 Shopping Tips and Tricks to Save Money

Have you ever wondered how some girls seem to know all the time when and where to shop for gorgeous items? There is no magic, but excellent knowledge of specific trendy shopping tips that you will learn about right away.

How to mix and match colors on your ethnic outfits 1

How to Mix and Match Colors on Your Ethnic Outfits

Style tips for our Indian readers: here are some helpful tips on how you can match the colors of your clothes.


Best Hair Color Ideas for the Spring/Summer Season According to Latest Trends

Check out what are the newest trends and embrace yourself with the best solutions that will completely suit your personality and shake up that wild side of yours!