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The Must-Have Instagram Tools for the Busy Salon Manager

Beauty brands can raise their profile, attract organic traffic, forge connections, and enhance sales using Instagram marketing. Use these suggestions to market your expert services properly if you want to grow your clientele.

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Plagued by Acne Scars? Simple Secrets to Fade Them Away

Are you happy that your acne is slowly fading away but also sad that it’s leaving behind acne scars that are going to stay forever?


6 Instances Where Turmeric Proves to Be a Magic Herb

Turmeric is not just a pretty spice that makes food taste better. It’s packed with beauty benefits, so we’ve tried to include it in our routine as much as possible.

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How to Choose Your Makeup Brushes

Hi gorgeous ! How are you doing ? Hope you’re spending a wonderful day so far. Today we will talk about makeup brushes… I know, so many people think that makeup brushes it’s not that important, but let me tell you, makeup brushes is KEY to look on fleek.

RUE CINQ Matches You to It’s Range of Luxury Beauty Products

Stop wasting money by trying expensive beauty products that just don’t do the job for you. Start finding your perfect fit and getting something worth your dollar. RUE CINQ, the online retailer that only focuses on prestige cosmetic brands, launched Skin Match Technology, an algorithm to help beauty customers determine whether a skincare or makeup product is the right fit for their skin, location and lifestyle. 

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Miranda Kerr Reveals Her Beauty Tips

Miranda Kerr reveals her beauty secrets and teaches us what to do in order to be sexy and hip.

Sweets – Really Helpful in Creating Our Own Cosmetics

Sweets, ok, maybe not the best recommendation when it comes to diet, but, here they are, helping us create delicious cosmetic products. Easy to make and even more easy to use.

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Fashion Guide According to Your Zodiac Sign

Spring is here, and it’s time to cultivate a little romance. So, I thought “how about a fashion “menu” according to their zodiac sign?

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4 Beauty Problems and Their Solutions

We all deal with some beauty problems from time to time. I gathered here 4 of the most common problems and i came up with solutions!

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Hottest Makeup Tips for Valentines Day

I selected some of the greatest makeup tips, that are proper for a special “lovers” day, and I want to share them with you, so you can look and feel great on this lovely day :).