Tips for “right fats” diet

This article is a mini-lobby to eating the right fats. What are these? These are the monounsaturated fats that can actually prevent weigh gain.

Five Proven Ways to Lose Weight Fast

This article is a mini-lobby to eating the right fats (or good fats as some say). What are these? These are the monounsaturated fats that can actually prevent weigh gain.

Studies have shown that eating moderate amounts of “good” fat can actually help you lose weight. The key is to make sure you’re eating the right kind of fats. Unsaturated fats have important benefits, while Saturated and Trans-fats are unhealthy.  They raise your levels of “bad cholesterol”. Trans-fats may also lower your  “good cholesterol” (HDL) levels and increases your risk for heart disease—not to mention weight gain.

This is why we recommend including them in your every-day diet:

  • Healthy Heart: Unlike Trans-fats, monounsaturated fats found in vegetable oils (such as olive oil) and avocados have the added power to help lower “bad cholesterol” and reduce your risk of heart disease.
  • Diet help: Unsaturated fats promote satiety, reduce hunger, and minimally impact blood sugar. That’s important because if your blood sugar dips too low, you may experience overeating, and low energy, and this can determine you to ignore any kind of diet, and eat something that can offer you some energy!
  • Reduce injury: Unsaturated fats can help stave off injuries, such as stress fractures. A 2008 study found that female runners on low-fat diets are at increased risk of injury—and a sidelined runner can’t burn as many calories.

Short tips:

Omega-3 fats are good; they help to prevent inflammation and maintain healthy cell membranes. An excess of omega-6 fats is bad, because they will displace omega-3 fats in the body, promoting pain, allergies, and inflammation.

The only oils suitable for use at home are olive oil for salads and marinades (monounsaturated fat) and coconut oil (for cooking).

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  1. Hey girls, thank you for this post, actually, i find myself in it kind of…I recommend Omega 3 supplements every single day, those things really helped me to lose kilos and bad cholesterol! Eat salmon!