Tips for great artificial nails

We shall offer you some explanations about each material used for fake nails, so you can create an idea about which one to choose.

Manicure, for most women, is a detail of their personalities, which needs full attention. Unfortunately we can not always have a flawless manicure, sometimes because of certain incidents, or nails can suffer because of their flaking, and we are unable to have the desired nail. If we can not use our natural nail for a great manicure, then we can choose the artificial one.

We shall offer you some explanations about each material used for fake nails, so you can create an idea about which one to choose.

Porcelain nails

Their application begins by placing a special support on top of the natural nail, then add porcelain (made from a special composition) and in this way it is built another nail, continuing from the natural one, and you can choose then length you desire. This type of manicure can last up to 3 months, and requires care at two weeks. Their maintenance is done by grinding the top layer and adding another, thus providing a natural looking nail.

Gel made nails

These nails are composed of dental porcelain and are in the form of gel capsules. Their application is based on sticking a plastic nail halfway from the natural nail and it is so well filled so you can no longer see the difference between natural and artificial nail, then apply a layer of gel. They are less resistant than porcelain and persons who have contact with the keyboards are often recommended to avoid the application of these nails because they get deteriorated faster that others.

Plastic nails

They are the most common, but also the least advisable because their resistance is less than 2 weeks. Their application consists in simply attaching the plastic over the natural nail, without adding anything else.

Artificial nails must be in permanent care to avoid adverse consequences caused by them. You  should periodically go to a manicurist to avoid nail dropping, this thing happens because the nail glue weakens and the artificial nail falls from the natural one. Another reason is to avoid thinning of the natural nail and also to prevent its discoloration ( if water enters in the fake nails, the real ones can develop a bacteria that infects them and turns them green).

Artificial nail has its advantages and disadvantages, but regardless if we decide to use of this method or not, what we have to de permanently is to take good care of our nails, natural or not.

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