High temperatures, stress, unhealthy foods harm your heart every day. Also, your entire vascular system is affected, especially in the summer time. Here are 3 tips-remedies that tone your heart and help you get over summer healthy!

Rosehip Tea Vascular Tonic

Rosehip tea can be a real miracle for your heart condition. It contains large amounts of vitamin P so it maintains the good functioning of your capillaries, normalizing blood circulation. Our advice: replace plain water with rosehip tea sweetened with honey.

Almonds Indicated in Hypertension Problems

Almonds have high content of magnesium and oleic acid, substances that protect the heart from “bad fats”. They also have a benefic effect on normalizing blood pressure.

Coenzyme Q10

Q10 is a substance similar with vitamins, that has the highest concentration in the heart. This supplement offers the necessary energy for heart’s rhythmic activity. It also help you improve your general health condition, not to mention your hair, skin and nails. It is very helpful in hot days, helps you pass over the raised temperatures. We advise you to follow a one month cure with Q10.

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