The shortest way to get the magic cat-eye make-up for a sexy summer.

Cat eye makeup is a dramatic style of eye makeup that relies heavily on eyeliner. The outer corners of the eyes are designed to look pointed, like a cat’s. It was a common look in the 1950s, but is now experiencing a resurgence of popularity. Cat eye makeup can be a great, glamorous look for evening, and with practice, it is relatively simple to do.

Creating cat eyes with makeup will require patience and practice, so we think that the following make-up tips should be a real help:

  • Start with a cleansed, toned and moisturized face.
  • Smooth a thin layer of makeup base or primer according to your skin type and wait 5 minutes before applying anything on top.
  • Fill in your brows with a sharp eyebrow pencil where the natural hair is sparse, and elongate to a point towards your temples. This is a crucial step to frame your eyes and draw attention to them.
  • To create cat eye makeup, begin by applying the neutral eye shadow evenly over the eyelid as a base. It should not be very noticeable, but should just create a smooth canvas to apply the rest of the makeup.

Now the Real Hot Make-Up Tips: How to Use the Eyeliner?

  • Applying eyeliner takes some concentration and a well-balanced hand. For beginners the easiest way is to start with an eyeliner pencil.
  • If you are into liquid: liquid eyeliner can be tricky, so it is best to start with a thin line, and build as needed. Starting above the iris, draw a thin line out to the corner of the eye, where the eyeliner may then be slightly twisted upwards for that distinctive cat eye, winged look – The key is to make your line as close to the lashes as possible.
  • As you round toward the edge, sort of flick your wrist slightly but confidently toward your temple. It’s better to make a longer extended liner–we can always q-tip it off later. The key is more about placement of wing, rather than the length initially.
  • To finish off the look, apply eyeliner to your lower eyelid behind the lashes. This look works well alone or in addition to light eye shadow and a coat of mascara.
  • To nullify or tone down the look of the entire face, use neutral lip shades. However, if you want to portray a glam-sham look, just go for a dark lipstick.

Our Recommendation for Beauty Products Suitable for This Kind of Eye Make-Up:

And, as usual, a tutorial that may offer you some ideas 🙂 Enjoy:

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