How to Remove Water Excess From Your Body for a Better Look

Bags under the eyes, the effect of swollen face and a feeling of heavy legs are the result of an excess of water in the body, blocked in your tissues.
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Excess of water may cause many health problems, but in the short term your appearance suffers. You get a lot of benefits if you manage to remove water blocked in tissues: body detoxification, slimmer look, cellulite will be diminished and you’ll get rid of bags under the eyes.

Here’s What to Do to Remove Excess Water From Your Body

Give Up on Salt

Excessive consumption of salt is the main culprit for blocking water in tissues. And the first step you need to do is to significantly reduce salt in your diet. Do not add extra salt in cooked food and avoid processed foods that have an extremely high level of sodium such as crisps, olives, pickles, cheese, sausages a.s.o.

Drink More Water

It might sound strange, but higher water consumption could solve the problem of fluid retention. If you are dehydrated, the body stores water to meet the period of “drought” that looms. Also, when you drink more water, you eliminate more salt in the body. The two liters of water you should consume daily will help eliminate toxins in the body which causes water blocking.

I know is not easy to drink more water if you’re not thirsty, but we have a guide on workarounds on how to drink more water, check it out!

Eat More Vegetables and Fruits

Replace intense processed foods and very heavy, rich in saturated fats of animal origin, with some much lighter, based on vegetables, herbs, fruits and nuts. Processed foods require more water to digest.


Go to the Sauna

As it stimulates sweating and with it toxins are removed, the sauna is an ideal procedure to get rid of water locked in tissues. If you have not ever tried sauna, you should ask your doctor before such procedure because it can be dangerous for people suffering from heart or respiratory problems.

Less or No Alcohol!

Alcohol has an inflammatory effect on the body, which has the effect, among others, of water blocking in your tissues. No longer consume alcohol and the effect will be noticed quickly.

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