Mineral make-up secrets

One of the most important innovations of our century is certainly mineral make-up. But do you know what makes it so special?

One of the most important innovations of our century is certainly mineral make-up. But do you know what makes it so special?

Technology vs. tradition

The story of this type of make-up started in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, where beautiful women used black kohl pencil, charcoal mixed with olive oil or green malahit for eye makeup. Lip-sticks were made from natural fats and ocher. Romans used powdered chalk to create make-up and ferric oxide for shading cheeks and lips.

It seems that a woman uses an average of about 15 cosmetic products a day, and the amount of chemicals introduced into the body is about 1 kg. However it is clear that we can’t give them up, nor the body lotions, make-up or the shower gel. [singlepic id=58  h=200 float=left]

The secret recipe for success

The development of cosmetic industry led to elaborate production and a wider range of this mineral products, designed, mainly, for skin problems. Products that are in the mineral make-up category, have a 90% mineral content, natural, sterilized and sprayed as a very fine powder. The substances included are: Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, magnesium and clay. Each has well defined properties:

  • Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide provide protection against UV rays and are anti-inflammatory
  • Clay absorbs fat from the skin and reduces scars.

For make-up and powder, we add some pigments, so we can reach the desired shade.

In cream-make-up, kohl crayons, lipsticks and foundations, the ingredients used are: Shea butter, that has hydrating properties, jojoba oil, which provides adherence and butter of cacao seeds, ideal for sensitive and very dry skin.

Mineral make-up has become known among the stars of Hollywood when the famous make-up artist Susan Posnick , made public that she suffered from skin cancer. Being dependent on the make-up, she found an alternative, that being: mineral make-up.

Benefits Make Mineral

Because the talcum powder from ordinary products is replaced with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide the mineral make-up has a much larger validity period, and generally has no smell. The skin can breathe, pores are uncovered, doesn’t favor black points, and it’s not like a mask on your face. Not only sensitive skin enjoys these qualities of mineral make-up but also the oily skin. But it is contraindicated for dry skin.  Also, some people have developed allergies to mineral components, but these cases are very rare.

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