Learn More About the Different Weaving Styles of Natural Hats

Learn more about the different weaving styles of natural hats
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You have some of the most fantastic designs of straw hats but are not sure about the weaving patterns. You would love to explore more in detail. Here are all the details you were looking for. From the braiding pattern to the history and uniqueness of weaving – explore the natural beauty behind the straw top hat. 

Here Are Some of the Traditional Types of Weaving:

Brisa: The primary and trendy weaving style of any straw hat is the Brisa. The weave is simple and is a crisscross design to create a diamond pattern throughout the head accessory. It is an interlocking square weaving that involves fine straw strings. Brisa designs natural hats that are lightweight and have a delicate appearance.

Panama hats are another famous example of Brisa weaving. These are very ancient designs, and most Montecristo hats are similar. The braiding is very simple yet very consistent. The uniqueness is the thinness and sturdiness of these accessories, and the other name for Brisa is Llano or Brisa-llano, which means flat hats.

Cuenca: Another very traditional braiding technique for weaving the straw hat is Cuenca. The weaving fashion resembles a herringbone pattern. The weavers make the hat with thin grass strings or thick grass strings. When weaving with thick grass strings, there is more spacing between the braids. So the hat keeps your head cool during increasing temperatures as there is constant airflow. There is minimum swear trapping inside the hat. 

The Cuenca weaving is a very sturdy design as it uses large and thick straws. It is like Brisa-llano fashion as the weaving is quite tight and flat, and therefore its name is Cuenca-llano. 

Cuenca twisted: This is another variety of Cuenca braiding. Cuenca Torcido is the traditional name of Cuenca twisted hats. However, it is very new in the list of natural knitted fashion accessories. This two-decades-old designer hate is highly durable. Any amount of folding and twisting cannot ruin the original shape. The weaving is very relaxed and has loads of spacing between the crisscrossing twists. It allows more flexibility and longevity to the headgear.

Crochet: The design is identical to hand crochet, but there is the only difference. Instead of wool or thread, the weavers use very fine softened straw strings. This very fashionable and chic-looking feminine design is floppy and light-weighted. The style is suitable for rounded brims and looks like an expensive accessory. 

Fancy: The combination of Brisa and Cuenca is what fancy design is all about. The weaving is the same with some selective braids and some skips between the knitting. It creates a very sophisticated diamond pattern that runs around the brim. The knitting is quite tricky, and therefore the fancy style hats are costly. You would be thrilled if you have one in your wardrobe.

There are different types of straws for every style. You can find the combination of natural seagrass with polyester to create magical headgears. Here are some of the types of grass:

  • Toquilla straws
  • Toyo straws
  • Raffia straws
  • Shantung straw
  • Milan straws
  • Seagrass 

Whether it is the boater straw style hat or lifeguard straw hat – you have different ways and opportunities to leave a fashion statement every time you adorn one. Remember that the hat is the only fashion accessory that can make the heads turn if worn with any regular outfit. Just identify the fashionable ways to wear one. 

  • Style with a simple short blue and white summer dress. Do not wear too much jewelry or neckpieces. Instead, keep it simple. Wear a simple Panama-style hat over this beautiful off-shoulder dress and a matching belt to see the magic happen.
  • You can try assembling a grass hat with a matching ribbon around the brim. Team it with a sheath stripy midi dress and maybe a jean jacket. Flip-flop or even gladiator-styled footwear can create a chic look.
  • How about trying your natural woven hat with a pair of jeans and a chambray shirt? An oversized wristwatch, and maybe throw in some finger rings. Match your belt with the big tote bag, and summer footwear or sneaker is the best. 
  • Do you love your maxi dress but avoid wearing it since it’s too plain? Lift the mood by creating an ensemble that’s a perfect Milan look. Match the flared maxi outfit with a fedora hat and nude sandals. You can style with one long neckpiece and a matching shoulder bag.
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During summer or spring natural woven hats are always the best fashion accessory. You must shower all your love to take great of these delicate pieces. Keep the hats in a cool and dry place. Do not let mold and mildew ruin the freshness of the hat. Enjoy every look you try!

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