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When I just began discovering makeup, I didn’t really care about brushes, I had 3 brushes I think: One for my eyes, one for my foundation and one for my blush. However, as I was learning about makeup, I found myself learning about brushes and how often I should clean them, and how I should do it because trust me, in the past I didn’t even knew that brushes need to be cleaned.

I personally learned a lot on YouTube, how to do makeup and how to choose my makeup brushes. Today I wanna let you know that you don’t have to buy brushes that cost you a 100 dollars, you just need to know how to choose the right brush without ruin yourself.

How to Choose Your Brushes

The best way to answer this question is to talk about my personal experience and how I personally choose my brushes now.

First you have to touch the brush, if you feel that the hairs are soft, that means that you can blend your eyeshadows like a goddess. After that, you have to pull off SLOWLY the hairs to see if the brush will lose some hairs… If it’s the case, forget about this brush because it will lose his hair on the first wash. Finally, every brush was made in a different shape and in a different size, so every brush has it’s own function that will make your makeup look on fleek but this is another subject, let me know in the comments below if you want my little advice.

My Favorite Affordable Brands

As you can already know, brushes for me is KEY, but I don’t want to spend a lots of money on different brushes, especially that for a good makeup you need different shapes and sizes. So here are is my favorite affordable brands:


  • Morphe brushes: For me personally, Morphe brushes make the most beautiful brushes without forgetting about the quality. Their brushes are so soft and don’t ever lose their hair while am cleaning them. Morphe brushes it’s my ultimate brand for brushes.

BH Cosmetics

  • Bh cosmetics: They make also a good quality makeup brushes, but not all of them is soft and well done. However, I recommend these brushes for everyone who want to start on makeup because they are more affordable than Morphe Brushes and they can really do the work.

This is it my loves, hope you enjoyed my first post on this blog and you know how to choose your brushes now because it’s the number 1 rule for a good and blended makeup. Let me know if you have any recommendation or any question in the comment section. If you want to see more reviews on makeup brushes and makeup, make sure to follow me on my blog.

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