What Your Hairstyle Says About Your Personality

Did you know there is a direct link between your hairstyle and personality? As your clothes define your fashion style, your hairstyle can express a lot about who you are.
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To get to know a person you have to pay attention to all the details that comes along. One of the most important detail is the hairstyle because it can show a lot more than you can imagine. It means you must be careful how you dress your hair, because you can choose what you let others to see about yourself.

Let me present you several hints about how your hairstyle defines your personality. Which category you match?

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Keep Your Hair Parted in the Middle for a Positive Attitude

You are a open minded person, positive, self confident and very sociable? It means that you have to try a parted in the middle hairstyle, moreover if you have a straight hair. This comes back from 70’s hairstyle  and matches perfectly to those women with a delicate face features – it shows your entire face. So, if you want to be considered a stable and orderly person this hairstyle is what you need.



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Be a Nonconformist Woman, Adopt the Grunge Style!

If you want to express determination or even nonconformism that is always up to new experiences, you will better prefer a careless and messy hairstyle. The grunge hairstyle is the best choice if you want to obtain a wild look.



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The Pragmatic Girl and the Bob

From time to time, the best of fashion returns. Of course, I’m talking about the retro style from the 20’s coming back with the never-dying bob or lob, with or without the bangs, which fits to short or medium hair. This hairstyle is perfect for a pragmatic, selfless and always determined woman.



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Seductive but Innocent: Waves and Braids for a Incurable Romantic Girl

Is so good to be able to look beautiful having only little time in front of a mirror! Can’t you believe this can happen, moreover if you have a long hair? If that’s so, I give you a hint, the ponytail and the braided tresses are in time and guess what, they are perfect for a romantic, a little traditional, creative and seductive girl like you. Also, you can do some loose curls to obtain a wavy look.



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All About the Bangs and What is Hiding Behind It

Let’s turn back the time to the 70’s and take a look to those beautiful bangs. They are so nice and mysterious, aren’t they? That hairstyle is perfect for a shy and delicate woman.



Beauty portrait of attractive womanThe Classic Bun and How to Show your Refinement

One of the most all-time loved hairstyle is the classic bun which is immortal, always in style and easy to get. Now is so easy to keep your refinement and elegance with a low bun, even if you add one more ribbon or a braided tress.



Ok, let’s recap:

  • Middle-parted hair: positive, self confident and orderly
  • Grunge hairstyle: nonconformistic and wild look
  • Bob or lob hairstyle: pragmatic, selfless and always determined
  • Waves and braids: romantic, creative and seductive
  • Bangs: shy, mysterious and delicate
  • Buns: refinement and elegance

So, when you need to express some part of your personality, choose the right hairstyle and don’t forget to match the appropriate outfit.

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