Critical Skin-Care Tips for Rosacea


Every one of us has got to deal with skin problems in our teenage years most probably. Most of these skin conditions heal over time. But some people have to suffer a lot with skin conditions like rosacea, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. These skin conditions ruin your skin texture turning them irritated, inflamed, and burning. 

Rosacea is one such skin condition that could turn from mild to severe if not treated with professional supervision by a dermatologist. The initial symptoms include redness, patchy skin and visible blood vessels. A properly followed skincare routine will improve your skin health, make it more comfortable, and reduce flare-ups. 

Here we have listed a few tips for people struggling with rosacea. Follow these and you will feel the difference.

1.     Cleanse Your Face Twice a Day:

Rosacea prone skin needs to be cleaned regularly to keep away dirt and dead skin build-up. Using rosacea sensitive products helps to calm down your frequent flare-ups, removes the dirt and other topical microorganisms that cause inflammation and irritation. Dermatologists recommend cleansing your face twice a day. Frequent wash-ups are just a big no for rosacea skin. It leaves your skin dry and flaky. You must avoid scrubbing your face, it’s just going ruin your skin recovery.

2.     Moisturize to Manage Rosacea:

Rosacea makes your skin flaky, irritated, dry and patchy. Moisturizing your skin keeps it hydrated along with creating a barrier for external irritants. Moisturizing frequently protects skin from flare-ups. It is better to choose creams over lotions as creams are much denser and stay on the skin for a longer time. Rosacea skin may be allergic to the ingredients that provide fragrance to the products. Always choose organic, fragrance-free moisturizing creams for better recovery.

3.     Be Careful With Facials:

Facials should be completely deducted from the skincare routine for people suffering from rosacea. People with even mild symptoms should avoid facials as this may worsen their skin condition. The high chemical ratio in facial creams, scrubs and cleansers dry up your skin. It will increase the inflammation and redness of the skin. You should make skincare packs at home with organic products without any chemical additives. These packs will calm and soothe your skin with natural ingredients.

4.     Choose Rosacea Friendly Skincare Products:

Since the discovery of rosacea, numerous skincare products have been launched to improve rosacea treatment. These products are specifically formulated for keeping the irritants at bay, soothing the skin and keeping it hydrated. There is no specific treatment for rosacea, these products help to prevent further damage. However, some people may get lucky to get it vanished forever if these products suit their skin condition. The market is bombed with mild to severe rosacea treatment products like cleansers, face wash, moisturizers, lotions and creams. Avoid makeup to cover up your damaged skin. 

5.     Smooth-on a Calming Facial Serum:

The facial serum has created a lot of buzz since its launch. This skincare product gives advanced relief to the skin. It penetrates deep into the skin in a few seconds and starts the treatment instantly. The serums are mostly made up of plant extracts, mostly including one or two active ingredients. These facial serums reduce redness, calm skin inflammation and heal the tissue deep underneath the skin layer. People suffering from rosacea and psoriasis have benefitted from these serums a lot but you always need to consult your dermatologists before trying some new treatment on your already damaged skin.

6.     Incorporate a Soothing Mask Once or Twice a Week:

Face mask sheets are a good option for soothing your skin. These let the ingredients reach deep into the skin tissues. A lot of face masks are launched in the market for rosacea-prone skin. These masks contain skin-soothing minerals, acids, extracts that reduce the redness, irritation, burning sensation of your skin. You just have to apply these face masks after cleansing your skin. Leave the product on your skin and wash it off according to the suggested directions by the manufacturer. Using these products twice a week is enough for your skincare routine. 

7.     Protect Skin From the Sun:

Sun is considered the lifeline for every living organism. Whereas, it’s not the case with rosacea-prone skin. People looking for rosacea treatment must avoid the sun in every possible manner. The harmful UV rays rupture your skin tissue and leave a burning sensation along with red, irritated skin. Dermatologists recommend sunblocks specifically formulated for rosacea-prone skin inside and outside the house. You must cover your skin while leaving home with scarfs, caps, shades, cloth masks for additional safety. 

8.     Consult Your Dermatologist for Help:

Rosacea can be triggered by your bad eating habits, poor skincare, environmental factors and low hydration. You must consult your dermatologist as you are diagnosed with rosacea. Never try any product or new skincare product without your doctor’s recommendation. Too much of products may ruin your skin’s natural healing process. Your derma knows better about your skin and it’s requirements. Early diagnosis and early treatments are better than ruining your skin by self-medication. Rosacea is not curable so far but good consultation may help you prevent the drastic consequences.

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