Clever Tips on Applying Makeup Around a Nose Piercing

Today, we are going to talk about ways to put makeup on your face without having to irritate or infect your nose piercing.
makeup around nose piercing

Applying makeup is fun, but it gets complicated when you have a nose piercing. Whether it’s a new one or something that has been around for months or even years, it can be difficult to go around it whenever you are putting makeup on.

Nose piercings are definitely sensitive, which is why most of us get scared when putting makeup on it. You also most probably aren’t thrilled to bump or tug on your piercing, as this can irritate your piercing and can even cause an infection.

Today, we are going to talk about ways to put makeup on your face without having to irritate or infect your nose piercing.

The Right Tools to Use

When applying foundation, powder, or concealer on your piercing, make sure to go around it and not over it. It is not advisable to use a beauty sponge when dealing with the area around your nose piercing, as this can make the product seep through the piercing and can irritate it.

Grab a fine pencil brush or even a small flat brush and do your best to go around the piercing and not over it. Just tap the brush and don’t rub or tug, as your brush can easily get caught on your ring or stud, which can be super painful. Be gentle and take your time when applying it to make sure everything will go smoothly.

Clean Your Brushes

It is a vital step to keep your brushes clean when working around your nose piercing. Bacteria can easily cling on to your makeup brushes as well as your makeup, so make sure to clean it before and after using it to keep your nose piercing clean and infection-free.

You have two options to clean a makeup brush: first, you can grab a special shampoo that’s made for cleaning brushes. If you can’t find one, you have the option to use baby shampoo. Grab a few drops and pour it on the makeup brush. You can also take some of the shampoo on your hand and swirl the brush around to clean it thoroughly. Rinse it properly to make sure that all of the makeup residue and shampoo are gone.

Option number two is you can get a makeup sanitizer and spritz it on your brush. Grab a clean sheet of tissue and swirl the makeup brush around to make sure you get all of the gunk out.

Reapplying the Makeup

If you want to avoid the makeup transferring on your piercing, then go ahead and set it with a heavy-duty powder. You can also blot it with a blotting paper or a piece of tissue before reapplying makeup onto it.

To reapply, you can simply grab the pencil brush or a Q-Tip and then start dabbing the foundation, powder, or concealer around your piercing. This will help you get a more precise application without having to disturb the piercing.

Taking the Makeup Off

Once you are done for the day, you can gently take the makeup off with a piece of clean makeup remover wipes. You can also use a liquid cleanser such as micellar water and a piece of cotton pad to take the makeup off. Be sure to be gentle enough when removing the makeup and a always, avoid tugging or rubbing on and around the pierced area.


No matter which piercing idea you are trying to get done, make sure to do your research before deciding and acting on it. A piercing is a huge responsibility and you have to be knowledgeable enough to take care of it. Putting makeup on your face can be such a challenge when you have a nose or facial piercing, but it definitely is worth it.

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