Casual Clothing Trends for the Older Woman With Top Clothing Boutique

Ladies of all ages want to look attractive and stylish. And well-chosen clothes play a big part in that. If you are already over 50, that does not mean that boring, over-sized, and worn-out everyday outfits are what you need.
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You can opt for some clothing pieces from Top Clothing Boutique Dublin and boost your style in this wonderful age.

By following specific rules, you can look elegant and impressive, even when it comes to casual outfits for any occasion. Whether you go to lunch with friends or spend a fun afternoon with family, you can always and everywhere make people admire your style.

Every Color Can Be a New Black

In later years, black is no longer welcome on every occasion. Although a dark wardrobe is an unmistakable choice, you should not be uniformed in black from head to toe just because you think it will hide your tummy or a few pounds of excess on your thighs. Your skin color can contrast with all that blackness, so the visual effect is not very pleasant.

If you are already wearing black, add some accessories that will break the contrast. Scarves always come in handy, especially during colder days, when they are much more than a fashion detail. They will fit perfectly with blouses, sweater dresses, and tunics of darker colors.

Adding colors will help you look elegant and youthful, as seen here. Lilac, pink, and even lime nuances will give freshness to your look. Ever think of wearing red jeans? Now is the time. You cannot go wrong by combining it with a beige sweater or a classic white shirt.

Prints and Patterns Are Your Friends

Continuing the story that your outfit should contain more colors, the same goes for prints and materials textures. Depending on your style and body shape, carefully chosen designs can flatter you, even in casual combinations.

A small floral pattern is great for ladies who nurture a gentle, feminine style. For example, a floral, tea-length dress paired with a cardigan of neutral color is the perfect combination for summer walks, seeing friends, or a romantic date with a partner.

Be cautious with animal prints, because apart from the fact that they are not suitable for casual occasions, they rarely flatter any body shape. If you like these prints, have them on some details, such as sunglasses or a brooch. When it comes to clothes, opt for some simpler patterns, like stripes or polka dots.

Different material textures can both emphasize or hide a body part you are not proud of. Dresses, tunics, or blouses with draping are great for camouflage stomachs or relaxed upper arms. Skinny ladies will love knitwear with different weaving and embroidery at strategic spots. These add the effect of having curves.

Find the Middle

When they reach a certain age, women often choose clothes of the wrong sizes. While their weight may not have changed drastically, many ladies see flaws in themselves that they want to hide. With that in mind, skinny women always wore oversized clothes to accentuate curves, while thicker ones wore tight pants and shirts to look leaner. Both cases are wrong.

More tips on plus size ladies over 50 are listed in this article:

It is necessary to find the golden mean. Pay attention to your body shape and follow its lines. If your legs are thinner than the top, then wear wider, fluttery pants and a darker blouse. It will even out your silhouette.

Finding the middle also refers to the length of the skirt. There is a rule that says that the skirt length increases with age, but there must be an end somewhere. Long dresses and skirts, although very comfortable, are not the right choice for ladies over 50.

On the other hand, a skirt below the knee can make you much younger. Combine it with a cardigan of an unusual cut, and you are ready for an evening walk on the beach or going to an outdoor celebration.

When you reach a certain age, it can be challenging to look and feel good. But if you really want to do so, you should make yourself stand out in a crowd. You should not always dress to impress; instead, choose clothes that are fashionable, comfortable, and appropriate to your ‘second youth.’

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