Blush – perfect make-up for you cheeks!

Blush...a key element in your every day make-up. I can say this with certainty.

Blush…a key element in your every day make-up. I can say this with certainty. And I am sure you remember the times when alder people grabbed your cheeks and said “Oh, you are such a big girl now Jenny”! And there you go…with red cheeks!

The truth is that a subtle touch on the cheeks completes your make-up and makes you look like a finished piece of art.

[singlepic id=341 h=150 float=left]Cheek make-up enriches your features and ads brilliance to your face. It is found in a variety of shades and different textures: powder, cream, gel, pearls. They are destined for different skin types and different day moments.
Cream Make-up for face is best suited for people with dry skin, because it brings extra hydration and avoids skin unpleasant exfoliation.

[singlepic id=340 h=100 float=right]The powder blush is ideal for greasy skin, but it can be used by other categories (with the exception of dry skin) because it is the one that resist the most on your face and keeps the make-up fresh all day long.

Gel blush make-up needs to be stretched very fast because it dries almost instantly, this is why it is not an ally of dry skin.
Shining pearls are recommended for evening make-up, and can be applied on the eyelids too.

These are important rules you should follow even though they are just a few. Regarding the color of you blush, this depends…from skin shade to skin shade. And the best way to find the product that fits you best, ask the advice of a cosmetologist.

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