Beauty Tips for Your Wedding Day

You will be the center of attraction on your wedding day. Running around, planning, coordinating, and constant stress could ruin your big day for you! Be wise and gear up for your wedding day well in advance. You should aim at achieving a runway bridal look for your wedding.

Katie from thinks that brides should ideally start thinking about beauty tips and wedding day preparations at least a month before the date. Coordinating your wedding gown, jewelry, makeup, and hair takes time and preparation.

Let us help you with these pro beauty tips for your wedding day.

Schedule a Makeup Trial

Your makeup needs to be absolutely flawless on your big day. Schedule your makeup trial a month before your wedding. You will be able to successfully assess which products you require, how they will look, whether you are able to use fake lashes, which lip colors and eye shadow palettes will suit your final look. Once you have decided on these, test all the products on your skin to ensure that they are long lasting and will give you the desired effect. Additionally, you could also take photographs of your makeup with and without a flash to understand what needs to be changed or adjusted.

Avoid Greasy Oily Food

Nothing could be worse than a pimple on your face! Maintain a low sugar, oil free diet before your wedding. This will help cut down on the last few kilograms that you couldn’t shed earlier and will leave your skin looking smooth and fresh all day long. Indulge in fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, and low sodium foods to achieve healthy glowing skin on the day of.

Stress also leaves unwanted variations in your skin and can result in baggy, dark under eyes! Balance your stress out with regular exercise and a healthy diet to achieve that photo ready look on your wedding day.

Get a Healthy White Smile

You will be laughing and smiling throughout your wedding day and functions. Photographers will follow you like a movie star and click endless candid and posed photos. A smiling, happy bride is always a pleasure to behold! Brighten your smile by visiting a dentist well in advance and if needed, get your dental work done to brighten and lighten your teeth.

If you’re a fan of home remedies, then you could also mix a small amount of baking soda with a little lemon juice and brush your teeth to achieve a whiter, brighter set of pearly whites. Brush this mixture for a minute at least twice a week for a month to get the best results. Floss and clean your teeth regularly to achieve the best results. On the morning of your big day, brush clean, floss your teeth, and remember to clean your tongue!

Get Your Nails Done

If you’re getting elaborate nail extensions, then ensure that you schedule your nail appointment a week prior to your big day. If not, then get your polish and nails done a day prior to your wedding day to avoid smudging of color and chipping of nails on your big day.

Applying nail lacquer on the day of the wedding can also result in damage to your wedding gown since you won’t have enough time to let your nails dry. To take it a step further, you should also get regular manicures and pedicures done so as to get healthy looking nails for your big day.

Get Bouncy Hair on Your Wedding Day

Hair treatments and conditioning can make your hair flat on the day of your wedding. Ensure that you speak to your hairdresser in advance and finalize your hairstyle for the wedding. One way to get a natural bouncy healthy feel to your hair is to flip your head forward, spritz on a healthy bit of hair spray and flip hair backward in a sweeping motion. This adds bounce and vitality to your hair. Once done, you can style your hair according to your stylist and makeup. Also, take care of your flyaways by using a hairspray with a medium strength hold. Your hair will sway in a gentle breeze with a medium strength hairspray and not appear unnaturally rigid.

Always remember that no matter what you do or don’t, you will be a dazzling and radiant bride. On your wedding day, you will be the most beautiful version of yourself. So have fun and enjoy yourself. We wish you all the best for your future!

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